Sunday, 13 May 2018

And another season is complete...

By Claire Smith

I cannot believe another season has come and gone!  This has been my swiftest season in 6 years and it has also been my most enjoyable! I had the privilege of managing the Mirasol Country Club health restaurant this season. 

It was hard work as it was the first time the country clubs’ health restaurant has been open for the entire season. Our restaurant overlooks the country clubs beautiful pool so when families visit Palm Beach Gardens and it is a sunny day, we had the best time!

It was great to have worked within a team that supported me. I was fortunate enough to have had Workaday International participants from Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, all helping me make this a successful season! 

I am really going to miss all my fellow staff members, managers and even the country club members! I will be taking a break for now however, in a few months, I will be back for another season.

I urge all those interested in hospitality and travel adventures to sign up and get involved in Workaway International’s next recruitment season which has already started. I promise, it is so worth it :).

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