Thursday, 25 August 2016

Back to Florida!

By Melissa Chauvet

It seems as if it was yesterday that I returned home from Florida. I cannot believe that in just over a month I will be heading back for my third season at Mirasol Country Club.

During my time at home, I have had the opportunity to help recruit candidates for Workaway International. It has been challenging and hard at times, but I got to meet amazing people and made friends with a good few of them.

I am sure the candidates who made it through the selection process are extremely excited to be taking on a great new adventure. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. You will not regret it. One piece of advice I can give is to prepare to be a little homesick, especially when you are working long hours. When you feel it coming on, remind yourself that you are with an amazing group of people who are in the same boat as you. Those feelings will soon pass. That often helped me, as did reminding myself why I took the chance to travel and work in the US in the first place.

Like any other job, it definitely gets easier once you get the hang of things. And then there are the most amazing distractions for the home-sick. You get to explore Florida and see what the American lifestyle is all about. How cool is that? See you on the other side of the Atlantic soon!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting closer!

By Stormy Cousins

It has been a whirlwind, helping potential Workaway candidates with their recruitment process during my time at home.

While I have been helping out and preparing the new applicants for their possible journeys, I have found myself getting more and more excited to return to Florida...

My first stop when I get back to America is Starbucks but there are many other things I’m looking forward to. It is going to be great seeing all my old Boca West friends again, as well as making new friends with some of the new applicants. I am also excited to be starting a new position, with new challenges that will help me learn and grow in the industry.

That is why this programme is such a great opportunity. While it is amazing to go to America and experience a different country and culture, you also get to experience so much on a professional level. My advice to the new applicants is to take in as much knowledge as you can when you are there, and live as many great experiences as you can.

Travelling is very easy in America. Some of my adventures were to the Everglades, Universal Studios and Key West. In my photos you will see some of my memories!

Travel, make new friends and grow! Best of luck!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Florida, here I come!

By Kelly Garcia

It feels like I have been in Chicago for a while but it has not even been two months yet. This season is just winding down quickly and autumn (fall) is almost here. Guests have started to leave already, so the past few days have been all about bittersweet goodbyes. My team members were fun as usual - always making me laugh and teaching me the way of 'Murica.

For our final outing, the entire group went to Six Flags amusement park and I finally got to do the Goliath - the most extreme rollercoaster of its kind! I have been to Six Flags thrice and the rain has stopped me every time. However, this time I got my adrenaline rush - I have never screamed so loudly in my life! It was by far my favorite experience but I could not do that giant drop again. Well, not until next year!

Tonight we have a huge surprise party for a member's 60th birthday. Her husband went all out for this party and I mean ALL OUT! He even got a stage built on the beach. She is one lucky lady. It should be a good night.    

To top my week off, I heard that I have a job in Florida! What a relief it is not to worry about that any more. And the best part is that I am going with two of my good friends. Even though I still have a few months left in Chicago, I cannot help but get excited for my new adventure in Florida!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The last stretch...

By Melissa Chauvet

We are approaching the end of our search for candidates. Our final presentation is on Sunday, 7 August, so make sure not to miss it!

I must commend the candidates who have already been for their country club interviews – you all looked smart and carried yourselves in a very professional manner. Congratulations for reaching this stage of the process – I am sure your application approval is not far off.

For those still waiting for your interview, remember that it is advisable to be well-groomed and dressed; tattoos should be covered if visible and, guys to be clean shaven. The first impression is the last impression.

October is around the corner and the experience awaiting you in the States will be unforgettable.  I will be returning to America for the third time this year and believe me - the excitement never wears off.  To my fellow returners, it is almost time to pack again for the long trip and in just a few months we will be falling back into our jobs, reuniting with our managers and co-workers, and happy to reconnect with the members of these prestigious clubs.

Those who are interested in going on this programme in the future should make a note that the recruitment process takes place every year from May to October. Visit our website for more details and in the meantime try to gain experience in the position you are interested in, as it will be advantageous.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Working Class!

By Jasper Burger

South African’s are hard workers, we are not afraid to get stuck in. Along with our work ethics and friendly attitude we are in high demand overseas.

The South African hospitality industry and golf clubs are in great shape and supply solid experience for waitrons, pro shop assistants and golf attendants. South Africans know their stuff and excel at providing good service.

Wherever I go in this country, when I am  promoting Workaway  International, I see South Africans with their smiling faces, great service ethic and cool, interesting  stories;  I know they would  do well on the Workaway  programme. Some of the people I meet in local restaurants or hotels have already worked in Europe and USA and are now putting the skills they developed to good use.  Some of those I meet wish they had made use of the opportunity to travel when they were younger.

Being a proud hard-working South African citizen definitely makes us stand out abroad – our work ethic is exactly what members are looking for when they offer the life-changing opportunity to work abroad. I am so proud of this heritage and to be able to help my countrymen and women in the service industry broaden their horizons.