Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Florida, here I come!

By Kelly Garcia

It feels like I have been in Chicago for a while but it has not even been two months yet. This season is just winding down quickly and autumn (fall) is almost here. Guests have started to leave already, so the past few days have been all about bittersweet goodbyes. My team members were fun as usual - always making me laugh and teaching me the way of 'Murica.

For our final outing, the entire group went to Six Flags amusement park and I finally got to do the Goliath - the most extreme rollercoaster of its kind! I have been to Six Flags thrice and the rain has stopped me every time. However, this time I got my adrenaline rush - I have never screamed so loudly in my life! It was by far my favorite experience but I could not do that giant drop again. Well, not until next year!

Tonight we have a huge surprise party for a member's 60th birthday. Her husband went all out for this party and I mean ALL OUT! He even got a stage built on the beach. She is one lucky lady. It should be a good night.    

To top my week off, I heard that I have a job in Florida! What a relief it is not to worry about that any more. And the best part is that I am going with two of my good friends. Even though I still have a few months left in Chicago, I cannot help but get excited for my new adventure in Florida!

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