Sunday, 17 February 2019

Half way there!

By Sonia Marques

Three and a half months down, three and a half months to go… where has time gone? By this time, you would have decided whether you want to go up north for the summer season or whether you want to go back home. Either way, your country club and Workaway are very involved and helpful in the process so there is nothing to worry about!

As the winter season starts to slow down, if you have not had the chance to travel, now would be the perfect opportunity to request time off. Recently I was lucky enough to travel out the country to Cancun, Mexico and what an experience that was! A one and a half hour flight and I landed in a different country, with a whole new way of living and a new culture to absorb. 

I stayed at Oleo Cancun Playa Boutique Resort, which is an all-inclusive beach resort at the heart of Mexico. With the crystal blue Caribbean Sea at my doorstep, I spent my days on the beach or by the poolside soaking up the Mexican Sun. Next time I am in Mexico I definitely want to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world: Chichen Itza, which is an ancient Mayan Civilisation. A couple of my friends went to the Bahamas, which is definitely on my to-do list while in the USA, this can be done by plane or on a cruise.

However, just because the season is slowing down does not mean that we, as employees, slow down. It is important to carry on working hard and to your best potential, especially if you want to be rehired by your country club. Therefore, work hard, play hard and make the most of your time left here in the USA.

All the best for the second half of your adventure!

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”
-          Og Mandino.

With Love,