Sunday, 25 February 2018

Round Four

By Emma Seager

It’s that time in the season where interviews are stressing EVERYONE out!!! A lot of people want to go up North for another season... one of them being me! The interview process is a little different because the clubs up north are looking for a little more experience and can be a little harder to get into!

Luckily myself and all my friends have all been offered positions so, as long as the visa process goes well, we will be extending our stay in the USA for another 6 months!

In other news- our club sent us all on an amazing trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, they were kind enough to pay for EVERYONES tickets as well as give us a $25 voucher to spend inside on food. We had an absolute BLAST!!! There was only time for one park and since I’d been before I chose the Universal Park. If you ever do come to Florida you need to make it there for even one day and experience it for yourself… a lot of the rides aren’t roller coasters but more a virtual reality experience and the attention to detail is incredible. You will feel like you are in a movie the entire day! The reason I went to Universal was because they have an amazing Harry Potter World there. We spent most of our time exploring and getting lost there…

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Time flies when you're having fun...

By Megan Volker

This season has flown by in a flash, we are more than half way through and I cannot believe we are in the second month of the New Year already. What can I say time flies when you’re having fun!

It feels as if I arrived just yesterday, where has the time gone!

I have done and seen so much in the last few months, there is too much to mention. The highlight of the season so far has been our annual Christmas party which our club threw for us. It was definitely a night to remember, filled with glam and fun. New Year’s was exciting, we all finished late and headed to the local spot where we celebrated the New Year ahead of us.

Just recently we went on a day trip to Universal Studios, which was amazing. Whether it is a day trip to Miami or Fort Lauderdale or a night out in Delray, there is always so much going on and so much to do. I am now preparing for a trip to Miami with my sister as she is coming to visit, which I am super excited for.

With only a few months left, I cannot wait to see what is in store for me and I will definitely make the most of it.

American life

By Latella Smit

Life in the States is kind of different and new, but super exciting every day.
There is so much I have seen and people I have met, from Romanians to Irish to Americans and a lot of our fellow South Africans!!!

In our first few weeks of living in the States we traveled to Miami, South Beach. The party beach as I heard from back home, I was super exited. Miami beach is stunning at night with the beautiful restaurants and clubs and street art and wow......THE BEACH off course...when you stand on the beach you can see all the lights in Ocean Drive Avenue, it is a must visit for sure.

We made friends with a fellow American Host and she took us to Deerfield Beach which was sooooooo stunningly beautiful and we went to the Cheesecake Factory which yeaahhpp is real and not just in the Big Bang Theory…

Then the month of December was hectic with the working hours, some staff were slamming 16 to 19 hours overtime, working till four in the morning. We all worked Christmas day and it was hard because we missed home and our family's but we supported each other and tried to make everyone feel good on the day. My housemates and I went to a local bar called "Trickys" or that’s what it used to be called its actually "Old Conner" now I think but everyone still calls it "Trickys". This is where almost all the South African staff of Boca West Country Club hang out.  On Mondays it's a dollar for a drink for lady's so yeap we take advantage of that.
So then New Year's came and we all worked long hours on that day, some straight through in to New Year’s Eve but I worked till 11 and rushed to...yeah yeah… "Trickys" and had some fun! The rest of the Boca staff arrived bit by bit, but overall a good end to the year 2017.

This year I did start off with a few travels and more to come so check out for my next blog where I will be telling you about my trip to Naples Beach, Marco Islands and the Everglades. I have to add that Florida is mind blowing and beautiful, the palm trees and the dams everywhere it's a sight to wake up to everyday and I love it!!

Until my next blog......

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Work Hard - Play Hard

By Claire Smith

3 months down already in Florida!! Time is flying by at work! We have already had a carnival, circus theme New Year’s event, huge ladies card party and even a South African inspired night for the members. 

Our theme buffets seem to be the highlight of our weekly events for our members. All our staff have such a great time at these dinners. Our South African them night was a huge hit! Our chefs prepared food items from all different provinces. Members are still raving about our bunny chows from Durban. 

It’s great that even though we work many hours week in and out for all these member events and day to day running of the country club we still manage to get some good team bonding time. We enjoy the odd off day together at the pool or inter club soccer game nights, a night on the town down town at Clematis Street or a good old braai.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Every Adventure Is Different

By Arthur Petersen

Being at Boca West Country Club is very thrilling, there’s a sense of anticipation when we put on our uniforms and head out to conquer the day. Followed by a very electrifying atmosphere we enter once arriving at work, it’s always fast paced and people are always moving around. 

It’s a thrill, always being in the thick of things. There’s always a rush, but it’s always easier when you have a great team of staff who are well trained and all have the capability of working together and making the jobs we all do so much better. Not only being able to rely on one another, but to also show the character and determination it takes to complete other tasks and duties that may not even fall in your job description. 

I would love to go up north, should it be in the cards, but till then all I can do is put my head down and work. Till the time comes. Working overtime does payout in the end so it’s something most of us recruits don’t mind. It may be tiring now but, it is well worth it. Till next time, peace and much love to you all!!!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Life Lately + Going Up North

By Catherine Lindebaum

I cannot believe it’s already February 2018, life certainly goes by fast when you’re having fun!

So just to catch up… Christmas was a real success and loved every bit of it!

New Year’s Eve was super fun. I normally work the Gala Dinner in the Main Dining Room, but this year I worked the Street Fair instead, and absolutely loved it. I did the entrance check-in and was put in charge of walking the band through the carnival. I even got to go on a few rides in my break.

Addison Reserve treated us to a mid-season employee appreciation get together at the bowling rink and everyone really enjoyed it.

Other than that, it’s been quite a busy month or so with a lot of events happening around the club. As well as interviews for up north. I’m going up to Vermont for the summer and it will be my second season there. I cannot wait to be on the lake and surrounded by nature.

All the best for 2018 and good luck for your Summer club interviews!