Sunday, 25 February 2018

Round Four

By Emma Seager

It’s that time in the season where interviews are stressing EVERYONE out!!! A lot of people want to go up North for another season... one of them being me! The interview process is a little different because the clubs up north are looking for a little more experience and can be a little harder to get into!

Luckily myself and all my friends have all been offered positions so, as long as the visa process goes well, we will be extending our stay in the USA for another 6 months!

In other news- our club sent us all on an amazing trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, they were kind enough to pay for EVERYONES tickets as well as give us a $25 voucher to spend inside on food. We had an absolute BLAST!!! There was only time for one park and since I’d been before I chose the Universal Park. If you ever do come to Florida you need to make it there for even one day and experience it for yourself… a lot of the rides aren’t roller coasters but more a virtual reality experience and the attention to detail is incredible. You will feel like you are in a movie the entire day! The reason I went to Universal was because they have an amazing Harry Potter World there. We spent most of our time exploring and getting lost there…

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