Sunday, 18 February 2018

American life

By Latella Smit

Life in the States is kind of different and new, but super exciting every day.
There is so much I have seen and people I have met, from Romanians to Irish to Americans and a lot of our fellow South Africans!!!

In our first few weeks of living in the States we traveled to Miami, South Beach. The party beach as I heard from back home, I was super exited. Miami beach is stunning at night with the beautiful restaurants and clubs and street art and wow......THE BEACH off course...when you stand on the beach you can see all the lights in Ocean Drive Avenue, it is a must visit for sure.

We made friends with a fellow American Host and she took us to Deerfield Beach which was sooooooo stunningly beautiful and we went to the Cheesecake Factory which yeaahhpp is real and not just in the Big Bang Theory…

Then the month of December was hectic with the working hours, some staff were slamming 16 to 19 hours overtime, working till four in the morning. We all worked Christmas day and it was hard because we missed home and our family's but we supported each other and tried to make everyone feel good on the day. My housemates and I went to a local bar called "Trickys" or that’s what it used to be called its actually "Old Conner" now I think but everyone still calls it "Trickys". This is where almost all the South African staff of Boca West Country Club hang out.  On Mondays it's a dollar for a drink for lady's so yeap we take advantage of that.
So then New Year's came and we all worked long hours on that day, some straight through in to New Year’s Eve but I worked till 11 and rushed to...yeah yeah… "Trickys" and had some fun! The rest of the Boca staff arrived bit by bit, but overall a good end to the year 2017.

This year I did start off with a few travels and more to come so check out for my next blog where I will be telling you about my trip to Naples Beach, Marco Islands and the Everglades. I have to add that Florida is mind blowing and beautiful, the palm trees and the dams everywhere it's a sight to wake up to everyday and I love it!!

Until my next blog......

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