Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Not the end but the beginning

By Jasper Burger

The end is near for the conclusion of the recruitment season and I must say it was a wonderful experience. Meeting new people on a daily basis really isn't a bad way to make a living I must say.Also being part of making  dreams come true for those of you travellers out there do make me great full for being part of a great Workaway team.

Yes of course there were some stressful times as you all know with this vigorous selection process interview after interview I'm sure you will agree that the juice was worth the squeeze! For those of you who I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many thanks, sincerely! Today I will be coordinating some more interviews with the country clubs so we are still very busy but you have to admit the excitement is kicking up a notch as we are getting closer to October.

To the fortunate people getting on a plane in less than 2 months I just want to say embrace this opportunity, grab it with both hands and come to the realization that this is just the beginning for you and that this is a great platform for you when you come back to South Africa professionally and personally…

Thursday, 15 August 2013

And the countdown begins...

By Andre Smith

Since my last blog I had just settled in my own apartment and working through the busy summer season.

I have meanwhile been back home to South Africa for two weeks to attend to an urgent family matter. It was a long trip and a route I had not taken before via Amsterdam and then direct over Africa to Cape Town. The day was so clear that I had a birds eye view over the Sahara Desert which was spectacular to see the dunes and deep red color of the sands.

After 30 hours of travel, I finally arrived in Cape Town and was met by good friends and whisked away to dinner at Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams, which was being hosted at the V&A Waterfront. Overall it was good to go home and spend time with the family, but I realized just how much being in the US is feeling more like my home.

Upon my return it was straight back to work and planning for our big mid-season party, which we just held this past weekend. The theme was based around the famous Studio 54 nightclub and the disco era. It was a fun event with lots of mirror balls, Afro wigs, dodgy moustaches and a ton of kitsch. 

Moving forward we are in the process of planning for the forthcoming season and the new interns that will be arriving from South Africa, Ireland and Austria. I’ve been following everyone’s updates on the Workaway International Facebook page and the interview process. Having worked for Workaway it has been great to see the interaction and comradery on the Facebook page as well as all the excitement around the interview process with the country clubs. My club has just been to all three countries and made the selections for the season.

To those of you that have been selected we look forward to seeing you in Florida. I know that it is a tough process to go through, but will be well worth it. It’s going to be hard work, but there will be a lot of time for fun and an experience of a lifetime!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Friends for a Lifetime

By Nivedna Sewchurran

After 8 seasons on the Workaway program, I have truly made friends for a lifetime!! Not only South Africans and Americans but also friends from Ireland and Romania. So when you go for the presentation and you are told about the different cultures, and the different types of people you will work with, you don't realize at the time that all these different people that you gonna live with and work with become a huge part of you life while you in the State.  They become your family away from home. So they help you through the good times and also the difficult times. 

I am currently in South Africa but still keep in contact with some of the people from the different countries who i can say are my best friends. So on the Workaway program, you learn to become independent and learn more about yourself, but also you have all these people around you to help you.

You learn more about the different cultures around the world and lean through the friends that you make how big and different the world really is. I must say though that my Irish friends do know how to celebrate St.Patricks day for sure. This program allows you to teach other people about our beautiful country South Africa.

So on your days off from all that hard work at the country clubs, you and your friends can go an explore Florida together. Or should I say that's what my friends and I did!! Miss them all, but see you guys soon....

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jet-setting with Boca West

By Renee Van Der Watt

We are in the final stretch as far as interviews go and many of our applicants were nervous, anxious and very excited as this weekend saw the arrival of Boca West Country Club here in South Africa. Interviews took place in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively over this past weekend. From my side everything ran smoothly and the positive atmosphere just goes to show how awesome the Workaway process is. 

It was so good to see the faces of our first May potentials who have been waiting patiently for this time. The Belmont conference centre in Cape Town was bustling as one by one people went in with nerves and walked out smiling with a sense of relief. Cape Town brought the vibe! See guys, we told you that it was nothing to stress about! To all those interviewing this coming weekend just remember to smile and be yourself.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early and made my, now 2nd nature drive, to CPT International. I must just make a shout out to the crew at Mango. You guys are always friendly and helpful. It really alleviates all travel stress when you are surrounded my staff like that. 

I arrived at The Hilton in Durban and we were off to a running start. The Boca West team, after two full days of interviewing, were still rearing to go and we got things started early. More nerves and excitement, more smiles and positivity. Workaway potentials Durban, you have done yourselves proud! Looking good and organised. 
Another successful day followed by another flight home. A great weekend everyone and we get to do it all over again 10-12 August!

Now it's time for a well deserved recharge and off to the office tomorrow. Chat to you all soon.
And for those who have interviews coming up, smile, be positive and just relax!