Monday, 23 December 2013

Living in America!

By Janine Dawson

Yay! So I've been living in America for about a month and a half now and it just keeps getting better as time goes by.

The flight was really draining and left me feeling jet-lagged for a while, but sleep, friendly people and food helped me feel better. Meeting my roommates and settling into our new rooms was also an experience.

Work has required a lot of patience and dedication, but it has definitely been worth it because I have already learnt so much from the country club that I work at. There's always something new to learn and something old that you already know that can be improved on. 

America has been lovely so far and it's only the beginning. Trying Starbucks, eating Burger King, seeing all the amazing cars, being surrounded by palm trees and free concerts right across the road from our balcony are only a few of my highlights so far.

The food I have eaten, people I have met and the places I have seen, have all been such an experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm so excited for all the experiences that are still ahead of me in this beautiful country. Thank you Workaway!