Monday, 23 October 2017


By Damian Green

After months of waiting in anticipation, long-winded interviews and numerous visits to the Workaway International offices, it is finally time to depart to the USA!

I cannot believe I will be flying halfway across the globe to sunny Florida to work as a Server at the gorgeous Addison Reserve Country Club for the next six months. My family is visibly nervous by the thought of me leaving the nest to fend for myself in the USA.

To be honest, I am feeling quite intimidated and slightly scared of what the future holds. I do know, however, that with the help of my fellow Workaway recruits and the amazing staff at Workaway International, I will be very happy in my new home. 

I am leaving behind my family and friends who I will miss terribly. My sister says she will not miss me but I know for a fact that she is going to miss me the most. My first flight from Cape Town is looming. The day is growing closer.

It is definitely going to be an experience of a lifetime. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The wait before the wait...

By Arthur Devon Petersen 

This has been by far one of the most humbling experiences I have ever endured. From receiving confirmation of employment and the completion of various medical examinations to a successful visa application and booked flight to the USA. 

Workaway International has made this process so easy for first time applicants.  I can only imagine how stressful it must be to not only do this procedure for one person, but for over 600 other applicants from across the country.  I thank you for all your time and effort in making sure we are always updated on the status of our applications. I also would like to thank everyone at Workaway International for providing us with the opportunity to chase and achieve our dreams. You guys are the real stars of the show.

Now that I am packed and ready, it is time to say my goodbye’s and begin a new chapter in my life. As always, it is good to stay humble and uphold my values and principles. I thank God every day and pray He guides and protects us all throughout our journeys in the USA.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Goodbye South Africa

By Chevonne Kieser

This past week has been very exciting with all the successful candidates having their appointments at the U.S. consulate to find out if their U.S. visas were approved. Everything just feels so much more real once your visa is approved!

I started handing out flight packs to all candidates that were successful with their visas.
I cannot believe that tomorrow I will be catching the long flight back to sunny Florida once again. I cannot wait and I am so excited to reunite with everyone back at Boca West Country Club.

To all candidates still going to their appointments at the U.S. consulate, I wish you good luck. Remember to dress professionally, be polite and friendly. Even though I will not be there on the day, I will be leaving you in good hands. See you all in Florida!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Tips on what to bring along to the US

By Emma Seager

I recently got back from a trip to Las Vegas and like the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Now it is back to focusing on preparing for my next season in Florida.

Many of you may be coming to America for the first time and are possibly lost in terms of what to pack and what to expect. Firstly, go and exchange some money. As soon as you land in the US, you will be transported to your new apartment and will most likely be able to stop at a store on the way to grab some necessities. You will probably be starving so food would be first on your list! Do not forget to buy an adapter to be able to charge your phone if you did not bring one along. I would suggest getting some washing detergent so that you do not get stuck with heaps of dirty clothes. It is tough getting around without a car and your South African bank account will not work with Uber here so until you have been set up with an American bank account, you will be walking or will have to pay for a taxi in cash.

Pack light as you will want to buy everything here in America. When I first arrived, I only had two pairs of shorts and a few other clothing items.  You will not need much clothing as you will mostly be wearing your uniform.

Whatever you do, buy comfortable shoes that will support your feet and ankles for work as you will be on your feet most of the day. The working hours are long so being comfortable is key.

Bring some medication along from home as it can be confusing and overwhelming when you go to a store or pharmacy for the first time in America and you see tons of brands you have never heard of before. I just found it way easier to bring over what I am used to until I settle into the American brand. Here is a list of my top medical products:

Corenza C
Med Lemon
Disprin or Myprodol

I suggest bringing a file along with some documents such as certified copies of your passport, ID, Drivers Licence, etc. It can also come in handy to store your pay slips as you will need them to apply for an extension.
I hope this information is helpful. I wish you all good luck on your preparations.  I will see you on the other side.