Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The Beauty That Is Hunters Run Country Club

By Nasiphi Sobahle

My last few blogs started with “Greetings from the sunny side of Florida” but I am back home in the motherland now, so: Greetings from the beautiful and cold Cape Town! 

As most of you know, Workaway International is currently recruiting for the upcoming winter programme in Florida, USA. I thought potential candidates might enjoy some insight into one of the country clubs, since there is so many to choose from.  

I have worked at Hunters Run Country Club since 2012 and will be going back in October for my 8th season.

Like many of you, I applied for a server position. I was lucky, as being a server ensured that I got to meet many amazing country club members. My top tip to potential candidates? Serve them with confidence, enthusiasm, charisma and, most importantly, a friendly yet professional manner, and they will become so fond of you.

In the past few years I have witnessed the club undergo major renovations and today, the members of Hunters Run call it “paradise”. It sure looks like it!

I have established truly beautiful relationships at Hunters Run and every season I gain more knowledge of the hospitality industry. The list of reasons why I love the Hunters Run Country Club are endless: the beauty of the Club, the members, my colleagues, discovering Florida... I truly hope some of the potential candidates get to experience the joys I have at this amazing country club.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Reminiscing on the season

Sonia Marques

Just like that, another season is over! If you decided to go up north, you will be heading into a busy season. However, if you are like me and opted to go home for a few months, you would have settled back home, catching up with friends and family. Either way, you should be so proud of yourself. You should be proud of all the hard work, how much you have experienced and how much you have grown over the last few months abroad.

I look back at my time in Florida and I am proud of what I have achieved, and you should be too. The beautiful thing about the Workaway International programme is that every season is an adventure and there is so much to learn and explore while you are in the USA. Even though this was my third summer season, I was still able to experience new things and there is still so much that I want to see and do - the opportunities are endless.

My professional highlights for this season was taking on more responsibility within my role and working in a different restaurant. This broadened my knowledge and kept work exciting. It also allowed me to meet more people and see things from a whole new perspective. It is important to learn about as many departments as you can in the Food and Beverage industry as this industry depends on everyone working as a team for it to function at its best.

During my free time, I enjoyed visiting Cancun (Mexico), parasailing, jet-skiing and snorkeling in Key West and in the Natural Springs in Orlando, visiting the new Universal waterpark - Volcano Bay and watching my first live baseball game in Miami.

With Love,