Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hellllloooo Sunny Florida!!!

By Julie-Ann Blom

Hi everybody!!! So this is my first blog since I've been back in America!

I really hope everybody is doing well at their clubs in Florida and enjoying it!!!!
My flight to America left on the 15th of October, the goodbye on the airport was very hard. I only saw my family for a short six months before heading back to America.
I met all the new recruits at the airport heading to Sailfish Point my country club, I work for in Florida.

We all were a bit nervous but became fast friends as we were going on the same journey together.
The flight was long but full of laughs and talking about our new adventures.

We landed in JFK early in the morning my friend Mel and I headed straight to Starbucks!

We flew down to West Palm and a Workaway representive picked us up and took us down to Jensen Beach where we live.
We were met by our managers from Sailfish Point and it was fantastic to see them again after 6 months!!!

We received our uniforms and then met all the new staff from Ireland. I saw all my friends that had returned from up north.

I have made so many new friends and had so much fun working and just enjoying Florida since I've been back and I hope everybody else does as well!!
All the guys from Jozi please invite me on facebook book I would love to hear how YOUR experience in America is so far!!!
See you soon