Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Festivities, festivities and more festivities

By Nzuzo Mkhungo

Hey everybody, once again it is me all the way from Florida.

It has been the busiest December of my life! I cannot describe how busy the club is! We had our staff annual Christmas party earlier on in the month and it was amazing. It took place at Frenchman’s Creek Country Club. The employee of the year was announced and a lot of prizes were handed out to the staff. Everyone was dressed to kill and much fun was had by everyone.  

In the short time that I have been here I have made so many friends. Christmas was emotional but having them made me feel a sense of my family being present.
I have also done a lot of shopping including visiting SHOPAHOLIC capital of Palm Beach Gardens: The Gardens Mall.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Adventure is Out There…

By Sonia Marques

So, most people have the perception that America is full of opportunity and experiences and I’m here to tell you that this perception is accurate. In the 3 seasons that I have been on the Workaway program I have experienced things that I could have only dreamed about.

Florida, itself, provides so much adventure.

I would suggest taking a trip to see some of the most beautiful beaches that Florida has to offer, coast-to-coast: such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami South Beach, Naples and Fort Myers.

One of the most amazing experiences for me was jet skiing and parasailing along the Fort Myers coastline, seeing as though I’m usually very afraid of heights, this was one for the books!

If you’re not a fanatic of the sea, there is still plenty to do; you should take a look at the art district in Miami, Wynwood Walls, to see some of the most amazing graffiti and art.

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, you should definitely take a trip to Orlando and visit Disney World, Universal Studios and Bush Gardens, where you can ride some of the scariest rollercoasters you could ever imagine.

While you’re in Orlando how does canoeing in natural springs with alligators sound? Yes… you read this right, with alligators!

Key West was one of my favourite places to visit, where I got to see manatees for the first time and feed pelicans by hand. These are some of the clearest waters you will ever witness! After spending the day soaking up the sun, you could experience the nightlife in Key West, which is out of this world and if you didn’t feel like you were on holiday, you would now!

Last but definitely not least, you cannot travel to America and not visit the one and only Big Apple, New York! The first time I really felt like I was in America was when I stood in the middle of Times Square… what a feeling! Riding bicycles along central park, eating Pizza at midnight and let’s not forget M&M World! 

So…what are you waiting for? Adventure is out there!

“A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions”
-          Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

With Love,

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Happy Holidays from the USA

By Tara Clampett

With the festive season in full swing at all the Country Clubs, it can be an exhausting time, mentally and emotionally, but also a very exciting time with lots of fun events taking place at the Country Clubs. I am enjoying experiencing all of the holiday activities taking place at Boca West Country Club…from the beautiful Christmas dinner, Character breakfast, S’mores night and the famous Boca West Carnival and Street Fair. Boca West Country Club really does go above and beyond to entertain the members and their families over the holidays.

Although my work hours are fairly consistent working office hours, I have friends who work in banquets who are working 13 hour shifts with maybe a just few hours of sleep between shifts and they are exhausted! I just keep telling them to think about the end reward…their paycheck and how it will all be worth it when that time comes.

For many first time Workaway participants it may also be an emotional time if it is your first time away from home during the Christmas period…I also still miss my family on Christmas day, especially when they send me photos of their whole Christmas setup…or maybe it’s the food I miss – gammon, malva pudding and mince pies are my three South African Christmas time weaknesses! This year in our apartment complex in Boca we celebrated on Christmas eve with a delicious homemade pasta dish made by one of my Italian friends followed by a taste from home – malva pudding made by a South African friend…it was delicious and it was great to spend time with good friends who make you forget that you are so far from home and remind you that we are lucky to be here in the USA, celebrating together.

So embrace the different cultures, foods, new friends/family that you have found here in the USA and I am sure you will all have a happy holiday season!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

‘Tis the Season…

By Sonia Marques

The Winter Season at Addison Reserve Country Club is typically always busy, with plenty to do for both the members and the staff.

However, during the Holiday Season the club is even more busy as most of the families of members come down to Florida from up north. The holidays mean hard work and long hours for us and therefore it is important to keep a few things in mind during this time; such as getting enough rest, keeping healthy and enjoying your off days.

Country Clubs and the work environment are not the only places that are festive during the holiday season. America knows how to celebrate and if you want to witness this first-hand, you should go downtown and see the Christmas decorations and lights.

For most, the holidays mean spending time with family and friends. This may be a tough time to be away from home for most of us. However, being a couple months into the working season, we should have already made many friends, some that even feel like family. So, decorate your apartments, buy a Christmas tree and plan a lunch or a dinner with these friends. This will help you to enjoy the holidays and celebrate accordingly with your new friends that have become family, in your home away from home.

On the bright side, change is good and this might very well be a Christmas and New Years to never forget.

“The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have” – Vince Lombardi

‘Till next time,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


By Nzuzo Mkhungo

Palm trees, hot wind in winter and beautiful scenery was what I walked out of the airport to see! Florida is a “heaven on earth” I tell you. The past few days I’ve been here have been amazing and quite the experience to my life in travel and career.

I have new roommates of which I came with from home on the same plane and same time, were more like family. We think of each other as family and share the greatest of plans and ideas as to our stay and so forth. The names are Kanyane and Neville respectively. We have done the most already: we went to the pool for the first time and it was a blast, then we went shopping for the first time at Publix. Oh my God! If for one second you think Shoprite is a very busy store than think again AMERICA is a GOD in variety of brands in absolute everything, the isles are so big, and everything is just extra. We made some friends at the shops who think our accent is cute and weird while we share the same sentiment of their accent.

First day at Admirals was great, the staff is so friendly, and it feels like a South African kitchen on steroids. We met with all sorts of people from all over the world (Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Americans). This week we’ve been a bit busy   preparing for Thanksgiving but work all in all has been amazing. When the place you work for fascinates you and the work you do does as well, life is honey!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Memories Last A Lifetime

By Tara Clampett

With most Workaway participants settled into their new job and lifestyle in the USA now it’s easy to fall into a routine…I find myself guilty of this and it is important to remind oneself that there are so many exciting adventures and opportunities at our doorstep here in the USA.

Living from paycheck to paycheck is no fun especially when you have no experiences or memories but only clothes and shoes to show for all your long hours worked. Although it may sound cliche, the saying goes “You can always make money, you can’t always make memories” is something I find that I need to remind myself and yes, it is possible to save money AND have fun and make memories throughout your stay in the USA…

One thing I am sure many new Workaway participants have realized is how many specials the restaurants in the USA have so taking advantage of these allows you to have fun with your friends, eat out, have some cocktails (because who doesn’t love a two for one cocktail special every now and then) for half the price you would usually pay…so play your cards right…websites and apps such as Yelp can help you find the best specials happening for any day in your area.

When it comes to adventures I have used a website called “Discover the Palm Beaches” which has loads of free and discounted activities to do in the Palm Beach County area…whether you are interested in the arts, outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, sunset cruises, concerts, the list goes on…there is something for everyone! Last season a friend and I bought a package deal which included a stand up paddle board session or kayak and a sunset cruise for a bargain and it will be a day that I will never forget!

So here’s to making memories that we will cherish for many years to come thanks to Workaway International!