Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Well it all begins!

By: Kenan Manthe

And so my adventure begins! After trying to board a cruise liner for the past 2 years (as in working aboard a cruise liner) and not being successful a long distance family member of mine who had been on the Workaway program suggested the program to me! And all I could say after going on to the Workaway website was WOOOOOOOW! I applied online immediately and the following day I received a phone call to please attend the presentation. After attending the presentation and the screening process as well as the interview with Workaway it was not long after I received a phone call to notify me that I had an interview with BOCA WEST all this happened in a space of two months! I was amazed
(Actually still am)!

After my interview with BOCA WEST it was not long after that work away notified me that BOCA WEST had a job offer for me (dreams do become true)! After attending the orientation which was really informative it became a little daunting filling in the infamous DS-160 form as well as doing the whole medical examination but hey mine is now complete it’s all a matter of visiting the consulate!

I have loved every moment so far of my journey with Workaway its truly amazing and surely plenty more good times to come I will keep all updated on the fun travels

Friday, 21 September 2012

The clock is

By Ndileka Nonose

It’s almost here; we’re almost that time of the year again. Where excitement is brewing, as for many of the people it will be their very first time abroad. And returners can’t wait to be reunited with old collegues, past roommates and all the amazing friends that they have made the previous season.  I have already made a few new friends through my blog, it’s very nice to ‘meet’ you all and I cannot wait to hang out soon.

Even though it will be tough to say goodbye to all your loved ones. There are a lot of things for you all to look forward to. Excluding of course the +-20 hour flight to get to the other side lol. Look forward to the wonderful work experience you will gain, as you will be working at thee most exclusive country clubs in the U.S. Look forward to the Many Wonderful friends, from all walks of life, that you will have the pleasure of meeting, knowing and sharing all of your experiences with. Look forward to all the shopping you get to do, and I for one did a whole lot of it.

There are so many places to see and experience and in due time you will be there to take it all in. Just remember to work hard, stay motivated and have fun. Then you too will get to experience the NIGHT LIFE IN MIAMI, PARA-SAILING AND SNORKLING IN KEY WEST, PARTYING IT UP IN LAS VEGAS. And even SHOPPING AND SIGHT-SEEING IN NEW YORK CITY.

I wish everyone success during their visa appointments. Have a safe flight over, see you all on the other side.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Few weeks!!

By Jasper Burger

It’s all happening right now and in a few weeks planes here in Oliver Tambo International and airports in Cape Town and Durban will be full of hopeful young South Africans embarking on an adventure of a lifetime in USA. We all have been so busy since the orientation juggling work and getting the final formalities done that we forget that we are but a series of moments away before heading to sunny Florida.

Everybody at the orientation got to meet some of the people you will be working with, staying and socializing with in the upcoming season. It was good to see friendly conversations taking place and bonds already being followed. Yes the many steps taken seems never ending with continuous forms to be filled in and interviews to be attended but do not worry my friends as our time of completion is near. You will soon realize that all this effort is well worth it.

Not to be cheesy but the saying “the juice was worth the squeeze” will eventually be realized. So be patient and keep doing what needs to be done and before you know it you’ll be on a plane with a flight attendants saying please fasten your seatbelts…

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The time has finally come!!

By Ndileka Nonose
When I woke this morning, I realized that I might only have about 6 weeks left in the country… And how do I feel about that? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, EXCITED, THRILLED all these rolled into 1. Kind of like the time my friends and I decided to go to Las Vegas for a week long vacation. What an amazing time we had. After seeing New York for the first time of course, nothing could ever replace that. But my trip to Las Vegas is a very close second.

After another amazing summer at my club in New Jersey, friend of mine from India suggested that we go to Vegas. I was reluctant at first, but after much convincing I was on board. So we booked our accommodation, flights and were soon on our way. We decided on the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino, which was a 5 star hotel. We weren’t going to settle for anything but the best. What a beautiful and luxurious resort. OMG. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I felt like I was in Italy. I won’t however indulge you all on our shenanigans after all you know what they say ‘WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS’. LOL. All I will say though is one should definitely put that on their to do list once they’ve arrived. Save. Save. Save.

I have to say though that my summers up North were one of the best times in the States. That to me felt like more of America. Beautiful houses with white picket fences, an American flag outside most home post boxes, gorgeous trees that are green in the summer and turn an orange/red colour in the fall. And obviously the endless trips to New York City. Whether it was just for a bit of shopping, or a little sightseeing or even just for a good old South African meal at Madibas in Brooklyn. All in all it was a wonderful experience, everything I ever imagined.

So you all can imagine how excited I am about the upcoming trip back. Im gonna start packing soon. Abit early I know, but don’t judge lol. Im soo looking forward to meeting all the new recruits, meeting my new housemates, and sharing all that I know. So next time you reading my blog Ill be in Sunny Florida.