Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Well it all begins!

By: Kenan Manthe

And so my adventure begins! After trying to board a cruise liner for the past 2 years (as in working aboard a cruise liner) and not being successful a long distance family member of mine who had been on the Workaway program suggested the program to me! And all I could say after going on to the Workaway website was WOOOOOOOW! I applied online immediately and the following day I received a phone call to please attend the presentation. After attending the presentation and the screening process as well as the interview with Workaway it was not long after I received a phone call to notify me that I had an interview with BOCA WEST all this happened in a space of two months! I was amazed
(Actually still am)!

After my interview with BOCA WEST it was not long after that work away notified me that BOCA WEST had a job offer for me (dreams do become true)! After attending the orientation which was really informative it became a little daunting filling in the infamous DS-160 form as well as doing the whole medical examination but hey mine is now complete it’s all a matter of visiting the consulate!

I have loved every moment so far of my journey with Workaway its truly amazing and surely plenty more good times to come I will keep all updated on the fun travels

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