Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Beginning!

By Jasper Burger
So here we are again. Making preparations for the upcoming recruiting season and the beginning of an exciting new season is upon us. The start of this season requires heavy strategic planning on our part to get all you Hospitality people and Golf fanatics out there to attend our upcoming presentations. That being said there are very exciting times ahead as participants are returning home to family and friends and some are continuing their stay up north for summer in the US.
After eight successful seasons in the US I enjoyed home this past season catching up with family and friends doing the normal South African things. Watching rugby, having a braai with the boys, watching a little more rugby and just enjoying the South African way of life. I am excited about getting the recruiting season started again as well as meeting cool, new and curious applicants.  It is always a blast getting to know applicants better as the time goes on with the recruitment process. 
My first presentation that I have had at the Capital Hotel School in Pretoria already generated a lot of interest. So for all you keen future applicants out there I am looking forward to meeting all of you and am very psyched about starting our journey together.