Tuesday, 24 April 2018

New memories and adventures await

By Latella Smit

What a year this has been, I never thought I would be where I am today. I am truly blessed with this opportunity, which is allowing me to grow as a person and experience life in the US.  Being away from home is really hard and you miss your family so much but it makes you stronger.

Workaway International organised a bus trip for us to go up North to Orlando Universal Studios and it was such a wonderful experience - this has been my best experience so far. I have also been trying out local places and experiencing the nightlife at Delray. I would recommend Mizner Park, Blue Martini, Delray Atlantic Ave and Brickyard, if you are looking for a night out.

We discovered a factory shop called Burlington Coat Factory in Turtle Den. The factory shop sells name brand shoes for $20 to $35! You can also find branded shirts, gym wear, handbags and so much more. I usually spend about $100 and it is definitely money well spent.

In exactly 30 days I will be taking on my next journey to New York. I truly cannot wait to be a New Yorker for 6 months - it is a dream come true.

Monday, 23 April 2018

October Feels Like Yesterday

By Arthur Petersen

I have just over a month left at the Boca West Country Club and I am astounded when I realize that my journey started in October last year and it is already coming to an end.

Between restaurants closing, sorting out contracts and visa extensions, it is still as busy and as lively as it was when I first started the Workaway International programme. Now that we are nearing the end of the season, time seems to be flying by.

I am so happy and grateful to be here. I am just sad I did not get to see every inch of Florida. I am so thankful for the friends I have made and influential people I have met. This experience changes everything for me going forward and I thank the Workaway International team for that.

I hope that I have secured a position up north - however until then, I will continue to work hard and enjoy the rest of my time in Florida.

All the best to everyone who is applying for the 2018/2019 season!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

As the season comes to an end…

By Nasiphi Sobahle

As the season comes to an end, it is time to embark on a new venture - whether you are returning home or going up North for the summer season.

I must admit, the hardest part for me is saying goodbye to the local staff, my managers and all the members of Hunters Run Country Club as I have developed such wonderful relationships with them.

I know I speak for many when I say that it has been a long and challenging season, in our case at the Hunters Run Country Club, the membership has been increasing season over season and has resulted in longer hours and lots of overtime. However, it is all worth it in the end.

Towards the end of the season is the perfect time to take that much needed vacation and engage in all the activities that you have been planning to do with friends from other clubs. As a reward for my hard work, I decided to take a trip to New York for a fitness camp, which was hosted by one of my favourite fitness celebrities, Ashley Horner. This was the perfect way to end of a fantastic season!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

My annual season vacation - this year the BAHAMAS!

By Claire Smith

This year my friends and I decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas. Travelling is so convenient and much cheaper while in the USA.

Cruises are great as all food is included. You can also purchase a drinks package and all your entertainment is just steps away from your room. You get to meet great people along the way and experience a whole new world. 

I highly recommend that Workaway International participants travel as much as possible while working on an H2B visa. Remember, you are only allowed to travel abroad and return to the USA on your first H2B visa. Once your visa is extended, you will then only be allowed to travel within the USA.

For those of you who have not experienced living the Workaway dream - I recommend that you go on to the Workaway International website (www.workaway.com) and find out when the next presentation dates are and in a few months you might be cruising off to the Bahamas on an annual vacation too.