Friday, 22 July 2011

We'll take you there!

With excitement running high, everyone is getting ready for the club interviews that are only 2 weeks away. I remember my final interview like it was yesterday *smiling * knowing its one step closer to traveling and working in the USA for you all…

But just to bring you all back to earth and out of the clouds for now… Let’s see what’s happening right here in our country. As most of you know I happened to celebrate my birthday last week and what a day it was… Got a choir call from my office and May I add, they should all keep their day jobs.*big grin* just kidding “love you guys!”…. I received so many messages during the day from people all over the world. This made me think a lot about where Workaway has taken me? And how effortless it has always been to use Workaway, they have always walked me through step by step from the get go… I listen to returners as they share their experiences at every presentation and time and time again one of them will add “Workaway will take you there”. This is so true! Workaway has taken me there and back and there and back and………… sure you get the picture. So with me receiving the messages and e-mails and so forth on my birthday I realized that 70 % of the people I received messages from I had met through Workaway…and even share my birthday with two of them. . . I would like to share a poem with you that was shared with me…

like you are hard to find.
In a lifetime,
You get only a few.
And when you find them,
You always grow a little bit
taller in your soul.
And when you find them,
You also know that
as the years come and
as the years go by…
…you have been blessed
Just to know them: thus
Blessed am I, thus lucky
have I been…
To know a friend like you.

These are the amazing people I have had the opportunity of meeting with the Workaway Program! And I do hope you all get the opportunity for Workaway to take you there!
But I am not the only celeb… *grinning* celebrating a birthday in July. My grandmother is 80 and just as beautiful as when she was 30!
We also celebrate “Our grandfather, the world’s heroes” 93 Birthday…
…………… HaPpY bIrThDaY Mr. Nelson Mandela……………

Yet these past two weeks have been busy busy busy with Tyrone and myself recruiting out in Jozi and Pretoria and Kaycee in Durban. We are still looking for more candidates to join us for this season adventure… Can’t wait! We held our final presentation in Johannesburg Saturday and once again had the opportunity of meeting the most amazing people… I’m looking forward to interviews and then off to Durban for Saturday presentation. So if you still have friends that are interested bring them along………

So that’s it from South African soil…..
Leaving you with a thought….

Workaway will take you there!

Author: Lucille Earle

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Back in the homeland!!!

Being back in South Africa after almost 3 years in the USA has been very challenging at the least. The cold weather, living conditions and not being around friends 24 hours. But I have definitely adapted!!!

Getting used to all the things I missed for the past 3 years like being able to drive, stopping at a petrol station, getting a pepper steak pie was like heaven!

Working with Workaway and assisting with the recruitment in the Johannesburg area has definitely helped going around meeting such amazing South Africans that I will possibly be working with has been so so much fun.

Being at the first presentation in Johannesburg made me realise that there are such great people out there and I must add some very interesting ones too! With a good turnout we had interviews at the Southern Sun, I got to meet really nice people and give them a little bit of my amazing experiences in the USA.

After the first presentation was done it was time to get back on the road to find more great applicants, driving around with Lucille, the Johannesburg representative, we came across a very excited candidate at an Ice Cream Parlour, We stopped and spoke to him. He was amazed that we had came to him. ‘It’s meant to be. I have to go!’ were his exact words. He was so excited as he had looked at the Workaway program before and never pursued it further. He just made my day knowing that finding people I can make their dreams come true by going to the USA. Trust me it is a dream come true when you get there!

Off to the second presentation in Johannesburg with anticipation to see if all the hard work recruiting has paid off. Great turnout at the presentation with many good people that that may be going on a journey of a lifetime.

Knowing that there is only 2 months left for me to pack my bag and head off back to the sunny state of Florida is starting to get very exciting. To start the journey all over again, meet new people and some... let me say family. You meet such amazing people that you can almost call family, I cant wait to see them again!
Just remember if you have a dream pursue it, you never know it might just come true one day.....

Author: Tyrone Havenga

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Man About Town...

Well the past two have been spent wrapping up the recruitment drive for this season as we are hosting our last presentations this coming weekend.

The weather couldn't have been better in the Cape, which allowed me along with Megan to head out from Blouberg to Simonstown. It was great to meet people and to bump into so many past participants that are now in management positions at some of Cape Town best restaurants.

The management from the Country Clubs will be here within the next two weeks to select participants for this season. If you are interested in taking an opportunity of a lifetime and looking to work abroad in the USA at some of the most exclusive Country Clubs in Florida, then your last chance to apply will be to attend the presentation in your area. Details are on the website under presentation details.

"A mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's open." - Anthony J. D΄Angelo

With that thought, take this opportunity to broaden your horizons, gain valuable skills and discover a different part of the world.

Author: Andre Smith

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Florida - The Cultural Experiance

I assisted at the presentation in Durban on the 25 June 2011; it was fun to meet some great candidates who are excited to discover America. I was to talk to the group about my experiences in the USA and for those of you who had to witness my babbling, I apologize. It was very nerve-wracking standing up there with all these faces staring back at me. I tried picturing them all naked, but my nerves seemed to get the better of me. I remember standing up front, waiting my turn and thinking of all the things I was going to say. As I was passed the microphone, I forgot every one of them.

I was asked to discuss the travel side of being in America - the cultural outings that Workaway plan for you, as well as the little holidays that you can plan for yourself should you be granted the time off. Seeing as though I wasn’t able to mention everything I wanted to, I thought I might be able to discuss a few here. I worked for Boca West Country Club and they planned five outings for us, Bayside - Miami, South Beach, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Key West. Now when these outings are organized, a bus is provided to take you there and back at specific times, you just need to pay your own way for entrance and/or any activities you would like to participate in.

Miami is amazing and everything you expect it to be. I personally loved the vibe and Ocean Drive (the main street) that had every restaurant and bar that you can think of. The beaches are beautiful and full of people, people walking their dogs, people jogging and people sun tanning. Busch Gardens is also an epic place to visit, it is a theme park, a lot smaller than Universal, but definitely a must see. It may be small, but it has some awesome rides and a long list of amazing animals for you to see and take pictures of. Universal Studios will blow your mind! Ask anyone who has gone there and they will battle to explain to you what it is like, you basically have to go there yourself to experience it. The rides are nothing like you have experienced before and nothing you could have imagined. If you enjoy Ratanga Junction or Gold Reef City, Universal is 20 times better than that and the effects and surprises in store will leave you speechless. Last but not least, Key West. This place is beautiful. If you enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing and parasailing, just to mention a few, this island will be for you. The island holds many independent companies that offer a variety of activities for you to choose from, that will make your experience there enjoyable. Don’t forget to ask for a group discount if there are a large number of you, and you will find if you go on numerous rides with them, they will give you a further discount for each one!

Another place that I got to experience was the Bahamas. The resort that I stayed at was breathtaking, not only in the natural beauty of the place and the crystal clear water, but how the place was designed to make you feel at home. A friend, and myself went for three days after working some double shifts to get the time off, and it definitely was worth it. We paid for an all inclusive package that took us on a 5 hour return cruise, food and drinks paid for, as well as our accommodation on the island for those 2 nights, and all our food and drinks and non-motorised activities. After three days of swimming, tanning and pure relaxation, we went back with the biggest smiles on our faces and some gorgeous photos.

Now if you still haven’t been to one of our presentations be sure to check out when the next presentation is in your city. Don’t leave it too late as there are only a few left. I hope to see all you Durbanite’s that haven’t been yet, at the last presentation on 23 July 2011.

Author: Nolene Lotz

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


…….and so the recruiting continues.
I have just completed the interviews in Johannesburg and off to Durban I fly for our second presentation.

The presentation was great fun with Nolene, Chris and Jarryd sharing their experiences, these three managed to warm up the room with laughter… I thought that it is nice to see that even though at times in the USA it can get difficult, they all just seem to make the best out of it… Afterwards I screened a number of participants and can say I got to meet plenty of interesting candidates…

...I sat thinking of how amazing people can be; I had the opportunity to interview a young candidate of 21 years of age that has stayed in Thailand for 1 year where he completed his final year in Black belt Karate… Afterwards he studied hospitality and during his course arranged to write his exams earlier due to the fact that he was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro….. All that at only 21! ………..I truly am inspired by many of the individuals that I get to meet and so blessed to be able to meet them.

But in the mean time so much is happening in Durban, with the Durban July just 1 day away. At the same time getting to host the IOC for the 2018 Winter Olympics… The whole city was buzzing…making me remember the interviews in Johannesburg at the Southern Sun last year, where we got to meet the Bafana Bafana team, as they stayed at the Hotel for the FIFA World Cup… Seems like just yesterday that we hosted the 2010 FIFA World cup…

But work awaits and time is running out in Sunny Durban and so I had to head back to Freezing Johannesburg… landing at the airport I thought I had flown to Ice land.. Nose frozen and teeth chattering I managed to gather my luggage and head home to a warm bed… Knowing that the week ahead would be a chilling one, I still managed to smile at the idea of how many people I am going to get to meet Who knows maybe it is you reading this blog…

Thought for the day… On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Author: Lucille Earle

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Where in the world is Andre Smith?

The past two weeks have been spent traveling around some of the most beautiful areas of the Western Cape visiting restaurants recruiting waitrons and chefs for this upcoming season.

This past week I was able to visit my hometown of Stellenbosch which brought back great memories of when my family relocated from the hustle and bustle of a fast developing Sandton to the Dorp lifestyle of Stellenbosch. It was a great culture shock at first for me, but looking back I couldn't have wished for a better lifestyle change.

I remember living across the river from school and often during the cold winter months I would be running out the front door of our family home and dashing across the wooden walk-bridge with the gushing Eersterivier below, just in time as the school bell rang.

I look back today with such pride having gone to a school steeped in centuries of tradition and growing up in a town with so much history.

It was a great weather day, which is quite rare in the wintery Cape where myjourney also took me from the winelands of Paarl and Franschhoek where I met great candidates eager for the experience of a lifetime.

Later in the week, I spent three days interviewing applicants. Tiring as it can be to talk for so long, it is always interesting to meet new people and hear the life stories and what their longterm goals are. There are so many, that should they be selected to go on the program will have an experience they will never forget.

Another exciting event was the launch of the NEW Workaway International website. It was great to see all the positive feedback after so much time and effort was put in by all to develop this new site. Like a newborn, there will be changes as the site grows into our final vision. I hope you all take some time to go through the site and check out the cool YouTube video clip. Please post your feedback and comments on our Facebook page.
Well, the next few days are going to be spent visiting all the great restaurants in the Cape Town area. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Author: Andre Smith