Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Florida - The Cultural Experiance

I assisted at the presentation in Durban on the 25 June 2011; it was fun to meet some great candidates who are excited to discover America. I was to talk to the group about my experiences in the USA and for those of you who had to witness my babbling, I apologize. It was very nerve-wracking standing up there with all these faces staring back at me. I tried picturing them all naked, but my nerves seemed to get the better of me. I remember standing up front, waiting my turn and thinking of all the things I was going to say. As I was passed the microphone, I forgot every one of them.

I was asked to discuss the travel side of being in America - the cultural outings that Workaway plan for you, as well as the little holidays that you can plan for yourself should you be granted the time off. Seeing as though I wasn’t able to mention everything I wanted to, I thought I might be able to discuss a few here. I worked for Boca West Country Club and they planned five outings for us, Bayside - Miami, South Beach, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Key West. Now when these outings are organized, a bus is provided to take you there and back at specific times, you just need to pay your own way for entrance and/or any activities you would like to participate in.

Miami is amazing and everything you expect it to be. I personally loved the vibe and Ocean Drive (the main street) that had every restaurant and bar that you can think of. The beaches are beautiful and full of people, people walking their dogs, people jogging and people sun tanning. Busch Gardens is also an epic place to visit, it is a theme park, a lot smaller than Universal, but definitely a must see. It may be small, but it has some awesome rides and a long list of amazing animals for you to see and take pictures of. Universal Studios will blow your mind! Ask anyone who has gone there and they will battle to explain to you what it is like, you basically have to go there yourself to experience it. The rides are nothing like you have experienced before and nothing you could have imagined. If you enjoy Ratanga Junction or Gold Reef City, Universal is 20 times better than that and the effects and surprises in store will leave you speechless. Last but not least, Key West. This place is beautiful. If you enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing and parasailing, just to mention a few, this island will be for you. The island holds many independent companies that offer a variety of activities for you to choose from, that will make your experience there enjoyable. Don’t forget to ask for a group discount if there are a large number of you, and you will find if you go on numerous rides with them, they will give you a further discount for each one!

Another place that I got to experience was the Bahamas. The resort that I stayed at was breathtaking, not only in the natural beauty of the place and the crystal clear water, but how the place was designed to make you feel at home. A friend, and myself went for three days after working some double shifts to get the time off, and it definitely was worth it. We paid for an all inclusive package that took us on a 5 hour return cruise, food and drinks paid for, as well as our accommodation on the island for those 2 nights, and all our food and drinks and non-motorised activities. After three days of swimming, tanning and pure relaxation, we went back with the biggest smiles on our faces and some gorgeous photos.

Now if you still haven’t been to one of our presentations be sure to check out when the next presentation is in your city. Don’t leave it too late as there are only a few left. I hope to see all you Durbanite’s that haven’t been yet, at the last presentation on 23 July 2011.

Author: Nolene Lotz

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