Thursday, 21 July 2011

Back in the homeland!!!

Being back in South Africa after almost 3 years in the USA has been very challenging at the least. The cold weather, living conditions and not being around friends 24 hours. But I have definitely adapted!!!

Getting used to all the things I missed for the past 3 years like being able to drive, stopping at a petrol station, getting a pepper steak pie was like heaven!

Working with Workaway and assisting with the recruitment in the Johannesburg area has definitely helped going around meeting such amazing South Africans that I will possibly be working with has been so so much fun.

Being at the first presentation in Johannesburg made me realise that there are such great people out there and I must add some very interesting ones too! With a good turnout we had interviews at the Southern Sun, I got to meet really nice people and give them a little bit of my amazing experiences in the USA.

After the first presentation was done it was time to get back on the road to find more great applicants, driving around with Lucille, the Johannesburg representative, we came across a very excited candidate at an Ice Cream Parlour, We stopped and spoke to him. He was amazed that we had came to him. ‘It’s meant to be. I have to go!’ were his exact words. He was so excited as he had looked at the Workaway program before and never pursued it further. He just made my day knowing that finding people I can make their dreams come true by going to the USA. Trust me it is a dream come true when you get there!

Off to the second presentation in Johannesburg with anticipation to see if all the hard work recruiting has paid off. Great turnout at the presentation with many good people that that may be going on a journey of a lifetime.

Knowing that there is only 2 months left for me to pack my bag and head off back to the sunny state of Florida is starting to get very exciting. To start the journey all over again, meet new people and some... let me say family. You meet such amazing people that you can almost call family, I cant wait to see them again!
Just remember if you have a dream pursue it, you never know it might just come true one day.....

Author: Tyrone Havenga

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