Friday, 22 July 2011

We'll take you there!

With excitement running high, everyone is getting ready for the club interviews that are only 2 weeks away. I remember my final interview like it was yesterday *smiling * knowing its one step closer to traveling and working in the USA for you all…

But just to bring you all back to earth and out of the clouds for now… Let’s see what’s happening right here in our country. As most of you know I happened to celebrate my birthday last week and what a day it was… Got a choir call from my office and May I add, they should all keep their day jobs.*big grin* just kidding “love you guys!”…. I received so many messages during the day from people all over the world. This made me think a lot about where Workaway has taken me? And how effortless it has always been to use Workaway, they have always walked me through step by step from the get go… I listen to returners as they share their experiences at every presentation and time and time again one of them will add “Workaway will take you there”. This is so true! Workaway has taken me there and back and there and back and………… sure you get the picture. So with me receiving the messages and e-mails and so forth on my birthday I realized that 70 % of the people I received messages from I had met through Workaway…and even share my birthday with two of them. . . I would like to share a poem with you that was shared with me…

like you are hard to find.
In a lifetime,
You get only a few.
And when you find them,
You always grow a little bit
taller in your soul.
And when you find them,
You also know that
as the years come and
as the years go by…
…you have been blessed
Just to know them: thus
Blessed am I, thus lucky
have I been…
To know a friend like you.

These are the amazing people I have had the opportunity of meeting with the Workaway Program! And I do hope you all get the opportunity for Workaway to take you there!
But I am not the only celeb… *grinning* celebrating a birthday in July. My grandmother is 80 and just as beautiful as when she was 30!
We also celebrate “Our grandfather, the world’s heroes” 93 Birthday…
…………… HaPpY bIrThDaY Mr. Nelson Mandela……………

Yet these past two weeks have been busy busy busy with Tyrone and myself recruiting out in Jozi and Pretoria and Kaycee in Durban. We are still looking for more candidates to join us for this season adventure… Can’t wait! We held our final presentation in Johannesburg Saturday and once again had the opportunity of meeting the most amazing people… I’m looking forward to interviews and then off to Durban for Saturday presentation. So if you still have friends that are interested bring them along………

So that’s it from South African soil…..
Leaving you with a thought….

Workaway will take you there!

Author: Lucille Earle

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