Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Final Countdown...

The last two weeks have been spent indoors, office bound. Not complaining though as it’s an exciting time... preparing for the Country Club interviews.

This is were I really get to know the applicants. This is something that people always ask how I remember people and their stories.

Each file is removed from storage and read through to get a biography of each of the applicants. Looking at friends and seeing who would be a good fit at each of the Country Clubs. A lot of thought, consideration and discussion with the help of Vida e Cafe coffee is made in placing each of the applicants.

Making the calls to applicants to is great because after months or weeks of waiting the final interviews are here and traveling to work in the USA is becoming a reality. You can hear the excitement and anticipation when giving the details for the interviews.

Boca West Country Club is here this weekend doing their selections; I’ll be in Cape Town on Monday for those interviews and the other clubs next weekend.

GOOD LUCK to all the applicants. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Author: Andre Smith

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