Thursday, 4 August 2011

The beginning of friendships...

Well the past two weeks have been busy busy busy…..

I have been jetting between Durban and Johannesburg for our last few presentations and interviews. while everyone in our office in Cape Town, has been busy preparing for the final interviews with the Country Clubs.

So the day arrived and Boca West was in South Africa. Excitement running high and nerves even higher…. the candidates arrive at the Southern Sun Grayston on Saturday in Johannesburg for their final interview. Everyone looking “uitgevat”. The day went off very well and everyone seemed to be in high spirits and soon enough candidates were making new acquaintances and adding Facebook friends… and my Boyz (TyZee and Kappie) did a super job in assisting with photo’s and police clearances.

Day done, time for us to head off to Durban for “Day Two” of interviews.

Arriving at the Hilton Hotel Sunday morning I was greeted with big smiles and super excited candidates, My girls Kays and Nolez were already waiting ready for the day to get started. Both were at Boca West the previous year and could not wait to see Harris, Darlene and Barbara. It was also great to see so many returners there on the day coming for police clearances Durbanites, being known for the friendly and social personalities, did not disappoint and there was such excitement with a vibe filling the room in no time and new friendships developing…

“Day Two” done and Boca West was off to Cape Town…

Now all we can do is wait in anticipation for the outcome but in the mean time we are getting ready for “Round Two”. We are waiting for some of the clubs who will conduct final interviews that are going to be held this coming week end. I wish you all the best of luck!

Author: Lucille Earle

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