Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Great Opportunities

By Amy Bruigom

Having been at Mirasol Country Club for over a month now, I can happily say that being here has brought me great opportunities in all aspects of work and travel. One of the great things about coming to the USA on a H2B visa, with Workaway, is having the chance to go and work at an “up north” club for the summer season. I was lucky enough to secure myself a place at a club, situated 2 miles off the south-eastern coast of Connecticut.  

With all the renovations taking place at The Country Club at Mirasol, all the staff were given time off to take a small vacation before the new club reopened. A few friends and I thought to take this opportunity, and planned a trip to the Bahamian Island. When you first decide to come to America you don’t really think about all the great things in store for you when you first get here, but a cruise to the Bahamas is definitely not something that comes to mind first!

We took the Grand Celebration Cruise Liner that leaves from West Palm Beach Harbour and docks in the Grand Bahamas for three days. We sipped cocktails from coconuts, walked the streets filled with stalls and markets and swam in the crystal clear sea with its white sandy beaches. Life honestly couldn’t get better than this. 

Having the opportunity to not only come to America and work to broaden your knowledge and gain international hospitality experience, but to get the opportunity to travel with friends you made along the way, to places you least expected, is something you need to grab hold of with both hands.

Enjoy every minute, because who knows when you’ll get this great opportunity again.