Monday, 17 September 2012

Few weeks!!

By Jasper Burger

It’s all happening right now and in a few weeks planes here in Oliver Tambo International and airports in Cape Town and Durban will be full of hopeful young South Africans embarking on an adventure of a lifetime in USA. We all have been so busy since the orientation juggling work and getting the final formalities done that we forget that we are but a series of moments away before heading to sunny Florida.

Everybody at the orientation got to meet some of the people you will be working with, staying and socializing with in the upcoming season. It was good to see friendly conversations taking place and bonds already being followed. Yes the many steps taken seems never ending with continuous forms to be filled in and interviews to be attended but do not worry my friends as our time of completion is near. You will soon realize that all this effort is well worth it.

Not to be cheesy but the saying “the juice was worth the squeeze” will eventually be realized. So be patient and keep doing what needs to be done and before you know it you’ll be on a plane with a flight attendants saying please fasten your seatbelts…

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