Monday, 12 August 2013

Friends for a Lifetime

By Nivedna Sewchurran

After 8 seasons on the Workaway program, I have truly made friends for a lifetime!! Not only South Africans and Americans but also friends from Ireland and Romania. So when you go for the presentation and you are told about the different cultures, and the different types of people you will work with, you don't realize at the time that all these different people that you gonna live with and work with become a huge part of you life while you in the State.  They become your family away from home. So they help you through the good times and also the difficult times. 

I am currently in South Africa but still keep in contact with some of the people from the different countries who i can say are my best friends. So on the Workaway program, you learn to become independent and learn more about yourself, but also you have all these people around you to help you.

You learn more about the different cultures around the world and lean through the friends that you make how big and different the world really is. I must say though that my Irish friends do know how to celebrate St.Patricks day for sure. This program allows you to teach other people about our beautiful country South Africa.

So on your days off from all that hard work at the country clubs, you and your friends can go an explore Florida together. Or should I say that's what my friends and I did!! Miss them all, but see you guys soon....

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