Thursday, 15 February 2018

Work Hard - Play Hard

By Claire Smith

3 months down already in Florida!! Time is flying by at work! We have already had a carnival, circus theme New Year’s event, huge ladies card party and even a South African inspired night for the members. 

Our theme buffets seem to be the highlight of our weekly events for our members. All our staff have such a great time at these dinners. Our South African them night was a huge hit! Our chefs prepared food items from all different provinces. Members are still raving about our bunny chows from Durban. 

It’s great that even though we work many hours week in and out for all these member events and day to day running of the country club we still manage to get some good team bonding time. We enjoy the odd off day together at the pool or inter club soccer game nights, a night on the town down town at Clematis Street or a good old braai.

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