Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Working Class!

By Jasper Burger

South African’s are hard workers, we are not afraid to get stuck in. Along with our work ethics and friendly attitude we are in high demand overseas.

The South African hospitality industry and golf clubs are in great shape and supply solid experience for waitrons, pro shop assistants and golf attendants. South Africans know their stuff and excel at providing good service.

Wherever I go in this country, when I am  promoting Workaway  International, I see South Africans with their smiling faces, great service ethic and cool, interesting  stories;  I know they would  do well on the Workaway  programme. Some of the people I meet in local restaurants or hotels have already worked in Europe and USA and are now putting the skills they developed to good use.  Some of those I meet wish they had made use of the opportunity to travel when they were younger.

Being a proud hard-working South African citizen definitely makes us stand out abroad – our work ethic is exactly what members are looking for when they offer the life-changing opportunity to work abroad. I am so proud of this heritage and to be able to help my countrymen and women in the service industry broaden their horizons.

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