Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting closer!

By Stormy Cousins

It has been a whirlwind, helping potential Workaway candidates with their recruitment process during my time at home.

While I have been helping out and preparing the new applicants for their possible journeys, I have found myself getting more and more excited to return to Florida...

My first stop when I get back to America is Starbucks but there are many other things I’m looking forward to. It is going to be great seeing all my old Boca West friends again, as well as making new friends with some of the new applicants. I am also excited to be starting a new position, with new challenges that will help me learn and grow in the industry.

That is why this programme is such a great opportunity. While it is amazing to go to America and experience a different country and culture, you also get to experience so much on a professional level. My advice to the new applicants is to take in as much knowledge as you can when you are there, and live as many great experiences as you can.

Travelling is very easy in America. Some of my adventures were to the Everglades, Universal Studios and Key West. In my photos you will see some of my memories!

Travel, make new friends and grow! Best of luck!

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