Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The last stretch...

By Melissa Chauvet

We are approaching the end of our search for candidates. Our final presentation is on Sunday, 7 August, so make sure not to miss it!

I must commend the candidates who have already been for their country club interviews – you all looked smart and carried yourselves in a very professional manner. Congratulations for reaching this stage of the process – I am sure your application approval is not far off.

For those still waiting for your interview, remember that it is advisable to be well-groomed and dressed; tattoos should be covered if visible and, guys to be clean shaven. The first impression is the last impression.

October is around the corner and the experience awaiting you in the States will be unforgettable.  I will be returning to America for the third time this year and believe me - the excitement never wears off.  To my fellow returners, it is almost time to pack again for the long trip and in just a few months we will be falling back into our jobs, reuniting with our managers and co-workers, and happy to reconnect with the members of these prestigious clubs.

Those who are interested in going on this programme in the future should make a note that the recruitment process takes place every year from May to October. Visit our website for more details and in the meantime try to gain experience in the position you are interested in, as it will be advantageous.

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