Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Saying goodbye!

So I found out that I'll be leaving earlier than expected, which I'm really excited for, but also really stressed about at the same time. In all my excitement, I suddenly realized that I haven't started getting ready. I have so much to do in so little time.

Most importantly my BLACK socks... Yes, something so small and silly, but trust me, when you are working a 19 hour shift and your feet are killing you, something as simple as socks could make you feel better. So try to get a couple of good quality long black socks.

2nd thing to pop in my mind was my favorite food. If you like Aromat, take a couple with you; and also something as simple as Rooibos tea, even if you don't drink tea now, in 2 months, you will be craving it. :)

3rd thing I thought of was ... *Ping* "Hey Mich, what you doing tonight?"
Scratch that thought, I need to see all my friends...

In a huge panic I rushed to the calendar and counted my sleeps I have left.
*13 sleeps* Mission Impossible commence... In a matter of hours I had planned out my last days in SA. :)

Mom: "What time are you coming into work after deliveries tomorrow?"

Oh my word, I forgot I still have work...

Dad: "So when is your Visa appointment?"

Ahhh... Dam, I forgot about that too!!!

Basically I had to re-plan everything... As we all know, work comes first.

So I've seen a couple of friends already and said my goodbyes to them. A lot are busy with exams, and I wish them all the best, but have to thank them for making an effort to see me instead of studying. Naughty children ;)

One week left before I leave and I only finish work on Wednesday - so sad :( But I'm going away with friends and family the weekend before I leave, and I'm super excited about that. :)

Today was especially good as three of my friends came over with pizza :) We just chilled and relaxed and spoke about rubbish :) It's also days like today that I'm gonna miss the most, because although you will make friends, there is nothing like a friend that can understand you and have a whole conversation with you in a matter of a facial expression :)

I know I have my "family" of friends I made last season waiting for me, and I'm so excited to make new friends when I get back there. But there is nothing as hard as saying goodbye to your friends and family on your home side.
Take tissues to the airport, also maybe a little mascara to touch up :) Lastly, a lesson my parents always taught me, is don't forget to tell those you love, that you love them. :) I love you guys :)

Author: Michelle Lowe

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