Tuesday, 11 October 2011

In the beginning!

I found Workaway International through an old school college of mine and Daniel and I was very interested in attending the presentation. After which we had to stand in a long queue to fill out application forms to get into the program. Daniel hates queues, but I insisted we stay… (best decision of my life…I hope!) A few hours later and after Daniel practiced all the patience I’ve taught him, we were out of the ‘patience-mode’ and into ‘anticipation-mode’

‘Anticipation-mode’ thankfully didn’t last long, because just a short few days later, we were in a meeting with Lucille. And I presume that went well due to our sms soon thereafter confirming us into the recruitment part of the program. Our next step was to attend our next interview with the representatives from the Country Clubs in Florida. That interview required a smartly dressed Daniel, with a tie. That didn’t go down so well with him, but after my fluttering lashes and persuasive smile, it was on and we were ready to ‘knock their socks off’, which we did oh so well! Our individual interview was with a lady from Boca West, her name was Darleen. How more American can you get, especially when she said her name with the perfect Southern (I think) accent! I think the success of our interview was that we made her laugh. Just because Daniel had a suit on, and I had heels on, did not mean to say we had to be all professional. We were just ourselves…smartly dressed.

Then there was the ‘eagerness – mode’ we had to endure, waiting to find out if the club would accept us into the program and which club we were going. Rumour had it that Boca West is the best of the best, so we were holding thumbs for that!

It was Daniel’s birthday on the 5th August. I decided to throw him a superhero surprise party, I rented myself a tinkerbell outfit (ok, so it’s not a super hero, but she did make Peter Pan fly…and it was super cute!) There was a lot of excitement in the air for me, and then at 5pm "The” phone call came. WE WERE ACCEPTED INTO BOCA WEST AND WE WERE ECSTATIC!!!!!!!

Author: Daniel Pfeil and Roxane Gordon

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