Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The thing I love about airports!

You know, I love airports, but the one in Durban is my favourite. I love how they are full of possibility and promise, of stories and heart breaks, of reunions and happiness.

The first time I was on a plane was on the way to Durban for camp. Oh my I was so nervous I could barely get the seat belt fastened. I remember I was going with a bunch of campers and Tink thought it would be fun for me. Haha, wow that was ages ago. Every single plane trip I've ever been on has been between camp and home...

This one trip, from OR Tambo to camp was awful. Oh my gosh I was so paranoid, my heart was racing and I was so nervous. Why was I nervous? I had flown a bunch of times before, I'd been in and out of King Shaka countless times. The difference is King Shaka is small and airy and welcoming, OR Tambo is big, noisy and so scary

And I was only in the domestic departures terminal!

Seems silly to me that I would be scared by something as trivial as a large building filled with people when I make a living surrounded by hundreds of screaming happy children....I think it comes down to the unknown really.

When you're on your way your way to the airport you're happy and excited, surrounded by people who love you. Then you stand at the counter, and I'm always just a little stressed in case my bag is over weight - which it always is - then the nice attendant hands you your ticket and everything is still hunky dory.

But walk though those gates...the gates that only ticket holders can go though, and goodbyes need to be said and hugs are slowly walk though, carrying your small luggage, hand bag, book, other book, lap top case and you need to go through the metal detector.

I always secretly worry a bit when I go through those metal detectors, will my earrings set it off? Will my belt? Shoes?

Yes! made it through the metal detector without any hassles. Repack my lap top, shove various items in my pockets so that I can move out of the way of the person behind me...and then it hits me. I'm all alone.

That's when the adventure really begins I think. Then this small excitement starts to form, I hope I get the window seat, I hope I sit next to someone nice and mostly, I hope that the weather is nice so that the view will be great.

I remember a while ago I was on a plane to Durban with 3 teenage girls and we hit a patch of turbulence. The girls screeched but I kind of enjoyed the feeling, sort of like a roller coaster....
I really love airports though, I love the dorky pictures that we always land up taking, I love the promise and hope, the excitement in the air....I can’t wait till the 1st.

Author: Melissa Rauch

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