Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Wow, I cant believe that my first month of being back home in Cape Town has gone by already. I did finally have the opportunity to Braai this past Saturday and it was DELICIOUS!

I’m still adjusting to the wintery weather that up to now hasn’t been as bad in past years. But, when you have just come back from tropical paradise to wind swept Cape Town, it does take some getting used to.

The past two weeks have been spent interviewing all the great candidates from Cape Town that applied after our record attended presentation. There were many great candidates with fantastic experience that will do really well on this program; others have a great attitude that will take them far.

Squeezed in between the interviews has been the fine detailing of the 2011 Workaway Handbook, which has had a radical facelift, much like some of the members at the clubs. It has a new look and layout that we know will appeal to you. For those of you that will be receiving it, we would love to get your feedback and posts on our Facebook wall. If you’re not a friend already, please click the link on our web homepage.

Speaking of the website, there has been another exciting development involving the complete revamp of our Workaway website that is scheduled to be launched soon. I can speak about what I’ve seen so far and tell you that it’s going to be awesome.

As, I prepare for my marketing trip to Port Elizabeth and George this year, I can only think back at such a special time last year with the FIFA World Cup on our doorstep. It was such an amazing experience with the South African pride everywhere you looked. I had the fortune of travelling to Port Elizabeth and George last year at the start of the World Cup and was so overwhelmed by what us South Africans had achieved, I was beaming with pride.

An experience I’ll always remember, was watching the opening game at the Dros in George, where the atmosphere was electric and when Tshabalala scored that first goal the place erupted with delight. I am excited for my road trip in the next few weeks and will reflect up on many such great memories.

Check out our home page for details of presentations in your area. I look forward to meeting you all.
Author: Andre Smith

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