Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Overwhelmed by bigger and better!!

Memories………….., Overwhelmed by Bigger and Better………..

So where to start so many memories and experiences in the last 5 seasons that they all seem so unbelievable………

Just giving you a little idea of what Workaway has given me the opportunity of experiencing…. I got to go and spend 4 days in the BIG APPLE, Words could not explain how amazed I was at the amount of people that could be in one place at the same time and be moving at the speed of light (over exaggerated but sure felt like it) all heading in one direction and everyone seemed to be so focused on where they were going….”Overwhelmed” is the least I can say….Thinking to myself ‘no way I could every stay here’….

SO day two was just as eventful, approaching Ground Zero and all you see are NYPD cars and people everywhere, camera men asking you how you felt about the situation? *thinking* ‘my word this is crazy’………………..So off we went from the Statue of Liberty to China Town to Penn Station to an evening at Broadway, the city was growing on me and of course a Starbucks in the lobby and on every corner, felt like I belonged there……

Wondering how I got from knowing I would never want to stay in this place to feeling like I never wanted to leave and that all in 24 hours!

Indescribable to anyone how it all just fits, subways to trains to just walking fifth avenue……Central Park watching the business men having lunch on the grass J and Time Square. An experience of a life time, one I would recommend to anyone. It is a must!

Now that’s a bit about my New York trip so let’s give you a sneak preview of what it is to work in Florida on Workaway.

I work at a Golf Club, Boca Rio which is known as the “best kept secret in Florida”. Boca Rio was founded with its main focus on being able to offer the members a facility where they could come play golf whenever they wanted and without booking tee times. It has a membership of 140 and each member is addressed by Name. As for the staffing, there are people from all over the world, Brazil, Poland, USA and yes, South Africa. But we are all like a little family J you get to bond with everyone and the best is that we all speak English yet don’t seem to understand each other (daily joke in the club).

We serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week and have functions every so often where we would have to serve a breakfast. Our dining room seats 200 people and we average 70 people on a daily basis. We have a one on one relationship with the members and they expect exceptional service. You get to know their habits, likes and dislikes and are expected to remember it all. Yet we seem to manage to do so J You will get the opportunity to see and experience how America does things and let me add is on a much bigger scale than what we are use to. But that’s what they say “Bigger and Better”……….

Leave you with a Closing thought and a question to ponder- “Memories are a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.” So what memories have you made?

Author: Lucille Earle

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