Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pondering where home is!!

Sitting at M&B having a traditional, Rooibos tea ……. *Thinking* how much I miss Florida, the friends I made there and the people I worked with……. Questioning myself as to where home really is?

I have been on the Workaway program for 5 years now and feel so comfortable both here and abroad that it has become normal to have two homes :-)

So let me tell you more of what I experienced in Florida, Been to the Big Appel that you read about So where had I gone before?......... Ever Seen a moose? Increadibly large! Ever seen a bear?Huge, understatement!...ever been to the point that regesters the worst weather conditions in the World? Freezzzzzzzing! So have you guessed yet? Yip New Hampshire, Mount Washington.

I had the opertunity of visiting the State during my fourth season in Florida, flew to Boston and then drove up the Mountain, to the peaks covered with white white fluffy snow of Mount Washington….increadibly beautiful! So I got to go on a canopy tour and flew down the mountain top in a harness and helmit with ice and snow covering my face but my word was it amazing being higher than the trees seeing the most amazing sceneries, wow…… Waterfalls, rock faces and so much more……And yes moose, bears, increadably huge and so real.

Now back is South Africa, home! Knowing that I love my job and get to travel and experience things so many just dream of. I am grateful to Workaway for making it possible. Well off to work for me for now……Catch up with y’all later…. Have a blessed day…..

Closing Thought - Home is not where you live but where they understand you. ~Christian Morgenstern
Author: Lucille Earle

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