Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Where to start... Almost 3 years ago I left South Africa to start on a journey of a lifetime, going to the USA was the best experience!! Spending 5 seasons back to back was overwhelming... there are too many great memories. Arriving back in South Africa less than a month ago to a bitterly cold Johannesburg I realized that in the past 3 years I have not experienced such cold weather, always moving with the heat.

Being back in SA really made me think how much I already miss the USA. I have made so many good friends and people that I could call family. The Workaway program gives you many opportunities from working at exclusive country club in Florida to a mind blowing club in New York. I was fortunate enough to experience the best of both.

I worked at a really exclusive club in Stuart, Florida called Sailfish Point which is situated on an Island. When I got to the club for the first time I could not believe that I would be working there for 6 months. Going on a tour I said to myself there is no ways that I am so fortunate to be here, the club has two restaurants; a casual and fine dinning. Its a small club but has everything you would ever want or need to live.

Looking out the restaurant you are amazed at the view of crashing waves on the shore, not to forget to mention the houses at the club. I have been lucky to have worked at a few houses doing private parties... let me just say MANSIONS! Living in Florida is like being on a permanent holiday, you live in apartments that are out of this world... hot tubs, huge pools and a good gym. The weather is always great, sunshine almost everyday so the pool is the place that you spend most of your time off, on your time off there is also the option to take a short drive to MIAMI... yes MIAMI, the beach, shops and night life definitely lives up to its expectations.

After an amazing 1st season in Florida it was time to pack up and head on off the “THE CONCRETE JUNGLE” Wow! Wow! And Wow! NEW YORK CITY was unexplainable, the first time I went to the city I was lost for words, walking out Penn station for the first time and looking up and just seeing all these amazing buildings that are extremely tall. alking down the road and you get to one of the biggest arenas Madison Square Garden, you look up and you see the Empire State building, you look right, you see Times Square, you look down the road you see Central Park. Everywhere you walk or look there are amazing attractions… that’s only to mention a few. The list goes on and on...

Working in New York, Long island at Glen Oaks Country Club was very different to Florida, the club was a lot bigger and I was very lucky to give food and beverage up for 6 months to work outside in the fresh New York air as a valet. Now that was an experience of its’ own... When you stand waiting for a car to pull up, the car of your dreams, the car you have always wanted... yes, a brand new Ferrari! When I saw that I knew this is going to be an awesome job. Driving every car that I ever wanted to drive. I drove everything from Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini. The list just goes on... What fun I had in the city that never sleeps!

To sum my experience up in the USA... Mind-blowing! It is difficult to describe the fun I had and will hopefully relive in a short 3 months upon my return to the USA. Please follow my blog for me to share my experiences with you and hopefully you will be there along for the ride. Since being back in South Africa a whole new chapter has begun, working with Workaway International in Johannesburg assisting Lucille. The first few weeks have been really fun meeting all the excited new applicants and hopefully to get them to live the experience that I so enjoyed.

Workaway really does take you there...

Author: Tyrone Havenga

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