Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Garden Route of Eden!

Winter took hold this past week with cold front after cold front slamming into Cape Town bringing more rain than we needed and forcing me to dig deep in my closet to find gloves and scarves. Pulling out my gloves reminded me of my trip to The Big Apple, New York City... It was freezing in the city with snow and blizzards, one of the worst winters they had had in years. I wasn't able to find gloves in warm and sunny Florida as one would not need them. In fact it was quite difficult to find warm jackets and scarves to prepare myself for my first real experience of snow. The last time was when I was 6 years old and it snowed in Johannesburg during a freak storm.

Walking the streets of NY, I was forced to bury my freezing hands deep in my pockets as I made my way to Century 21, one of the best designer outlet stores in the city. Upon entering I was greeted by floor after floor of clothing and accessories. Everything from fur coats to cufflinks. I made my way through the crowds of shoppers to a wall of pigeon hole boxes stuffed with all types of winter gloves; leather with wool, hard leather, soft leather, wool, and many others. After feeling a bit like Goldilocks, I found the pair that fit just right. They served me well on my trip and saved me from frostbite I'm sure as the temperature on top of the Empire State building was -14 degrees celsius out of the wind.

As I planned for my recruitment trip from Port Elizabeth down the Garden Route to George, I decided to contact past participants to see how they were and what had happened in their lives. It was amazing to hear how some had found great positions in management, how others had got engaged and also those that were now considering on going back on the program. It really does make us proud when we hear success stories.

My trip to PE was not off to a smooth start after getting up way before what is a civilized time to catch a flight to PE. After boarding the flight we were disembarked after sitting on the plane for an hour whilst the plane was undergoing repairs for technical difficulties. We had to wait another hour in the airport terminal before boarding the flight again to PE. Although it's a hassle, I'd rather fly on a safe plane than have an issue mid flight.

The landing was quite rough due to the bad weather. Much like a space shuttle reentering the atmosphere. Glad to be in PE, I got to work visiting culinary institutes, colleges and various restaurants. It was great to meet eager people looking to participate on our program.

Two days later, I road tripped along the beautiful garden route through the mountains and forrest marveling at what an awesome country we stay in and how spoilt we really are surrounded with natural beauty.

Stopping en route in Knysna, I drove up to Penzula Golf Resort with vistas of the lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other. It was breathtaking.

I spent the evening recruiting in a very chilly George and was told by a local that the registration of CAW stands for cold and wet. This explains why almost all my trips to George have always been either cold or wet. Haha.

The George Herald did a fantastic full page article on Workaway International and had interviewed past participants from the George area. We couldn't have asked for better press exposure. If you saw the article, please attend the presentation on Saturday, 11 June at the Protea Hotel King George (full details are on the homepage of the Workaway website).

Speaking of the website, I got to experience a mockup of the future Workaway website which will launch in a few weeks. You are all going to be blown away by the changes. I know I was!

I am Looking forward to seeing all of you at the PE and George presentations. Bring your friends along too.

Author: Andre Smith

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