Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Florida: Round Two

By Emma Seager

So it's been one month since I landed back in South Florida... I can't even believe the time has gone so FAST! 

Everything is exciting when working at a new club, I love that I have made such amazing friends already and meeting a new team is always great and interesting.

So far I'm getting back into the swing of things and learning about the Polo Club, which is amazing by the way... we just had our welcome back party for the members and the event was sensational. The event was done outside with tables set up amongst fairy lights and palm trees!! It was a lot of fun seeing old members that I have got to know through my previous seasons.

Polo in general is a beautiful club, it's not as big at Boca West however it is exquisite and more intimate when it comes to dining. 

Christmas week is slowly approaching which I know is going to be extremely busy with maximum sleep deprivation (not fun)...however the overtime pay will make all the hard work worth it! The best part about it is the amazing team work that you experience during this time because everyone is in the same boat, you are never alone and always have others to help get you through the rush. I'm looking forward to the challenge and having lots of work to keep me busy. 

First though- thanksgiving holiday party!!! I love the Christmas season because there are so many holidays and events to celebrate which makes work so much fun, especially when you always have a new theme and a new venue to work in! I'll keep you posted on what goes on in the next few weeks 🙂

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