Monday, 6 August 2012

Trains, planes and automobiles

By Andre Smith

It's early morning. Very early morning and I'm writing this blog from 30 000ft in the air.

I'm on my way to Durban to conduct the last round of interviews before the country clubs are here over the next two weeks to select a new group of excited applicants for the adventure of the lifetime.

The last ten weeks have been an intense whirlwind of planes, trains and auto miles as I have been all around the country hosting presentations and interviews in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Often I am asked if this does not tire me out, but my answer is always that I love to do this as it is interesting meeting so many different people from all over South Africa as well as getting to know them.

The most rewarding part is is to see who is selected by the country clubs and knowing that for each of these new applicants that they are about to embark on the opportunity of their life.

I remember being part of the process ten years ago and taking that first step into the unknown. It was also my first time oversees like it will be for most of our applicants. I looks back at those early days and cant believe how much I have experienced and the rewards that the Workaway program has awarded me. Not just the experiences like going on a private jet to Key West for dinner and also the exhilaration of standing in Times Square, but also the career opportunities and the dynamic people I have met along the way.

I can only hope that for this seasons applicants the program can provide such opportunities to them and the one day too they will look back and see what an experience this was.

I wish all this seasons applicants good luck and remember that first impression is the most important when meeting the management of the country clubs.

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