Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Countdown Starts....

By Andre Smith

Since my last blog we started the process of the Country Club manager coming out to South Africa to make their selections to fill the many positions for the up coming season at the clubs.

It has been a long process to date of presentations and interviews across the country to reach this point.

The day finally arrived that the club managers where here three weeks ago and everyone arrived for their interviews looking ever so smart and presentable; filled with nerves and hoping that they were the lucky ones to get chosen. I always imagine that this is what is must be like for the hundreds of people that turn out with the hopes of becoming the next South African Idol.

Eventually the selections started coming in as the clubs made their decisions and we were able to make offers to the many hopefuls. The calls were often met first with surprise and then a shriek of glee from the other side of the phone. I remember those days when I went through this process ten years ago. Wow! I can’t believe that ten years has gone by since I took that step and went abroad for the first time.

I will again be going back to Florida for another season at the Country Clubs and understand just how exciting it must be for a first timer taking that leap, well at least a very long flight to a new world.

As we now prepare for the orientations next weekend, it will be great to meet with all the excited participants that have been selected. The best part is to see their interactions as they get to meet their teammates for the next six months as well as watch friendships start to form.

If you are fortunate enough to have been selected for this season, CONGRATULATIONS… I know that you are about to embark on a new opportunity of a lifetime.

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