Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My holiday to USA via Workaway International

By Yvonne Gubangxa

The first time when I went to Workaway offices, I thought "Maybe this won't be possible for me” It was like a dream. My gut instinct however, told me ‘Yes - stick with Workaway’.

I've been with Workaway International from 2007 until 2012.Through all these years with them, I've had great adventures and gained fantastic experience in the hospitality industry - working with different people from all over the world. With Workaway International, you are guaranteed return flight ticket, LUXURY accommodation with a fitness room (swimming pool, tennis court etc) and you are fully protected.

I found that working in AMERICA is a lot more fun and enjoyable than here at home, especially if you are in hospitality industry. The respect, team work (both with colleagues and the management) as well as the professionalism is something that needs to be experienced.
For those who like fun, brands and clothes, WOW... this is the place to be for you! The shopping is incredible and earning dollars definitely has it’s advantages!

My advice to you all is save, save and save!

Embark on a new adventure, get out of your comfort zone, join Workaway International and have lots of FUN!

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  1. I hope to see you again this coming season Yvonne. You're the most fun person to hangout with.