Thursday, 29 September 2011

US Consulate Tips!!!

On Wednesday the 20 September was the long awaited Workaway orientation in Durban. It was lekker to see who had been accepted onto the program and who was going to be joining who at the specific clubs. I personally met some awesome people and Kaycee and I managed to find four suckers to live with us (just kidding ladies – we are going to get on like a house on fire!). It was also good to see how many returners are going back, it’s always nice to return to a place that still has some of the old furniture.

The next step is waiting to hear about our visa interviews. If you are nervous about your actual interview, don’t be. If you are honest, friendly and don’t look like you are hiding anything, you will be perfectly fine. Last year was my first time, you will feel nervous because there is tight security and anxious because you feel like your whole life depends on those 5 minutes with the consular officer. You have to have your ID book on you to verify who you are, you have to make sure your cellphone is turned off (which makes for a very long and boring wait) and everyone is sitting there in silence, moving from chair to chair waiting for their name to be called out. Like they tell you in the presentation, make sure that you are there 30 minutes before because you don’t want to miss your appointment.

I met one of my current friends, Bryce, in the waiting line. It is easy to recognize all the Workaway participants because we are always carrying our red folders J I was lucky that he was going to the same country club as me, so we chatted the whole time. He told me about our living conditions, the awesome restaurants that I needed to try, the jols that we would be going to and about the everyday life of the Americans. It was nice having someone who could answer all my silly questions and correct my stereotypes. The interview is literally 5 – 10 minutes. Before you arrive at the cubicle, the officer has already checked your file and knows all the questions they need to ask you. I got asked simple questions like:

Have I been to the states before?
Why am I going there?
Who will I be working for? (Remember that this year you are employed by the country club)
What are my intentions when I have finished working? (And that is of course to return to SA J)

A little bit of small talk in between doesn’t hurt anyone, so make sure you are smiley and speak loudly and clearly. Good luck to you all, you will be fantastic!

Author: Nolene Lotz

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