Thursday, 29 September 2011

Proudly South African girl!!!

21 years in the making: an American Adventure by a Proudly South African girl

Before the scramble....

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not going to the States because I don't like my country, I LOVE South Africa. We have the best of everything, but an andventure like this could not possibly have been passed up by someone like me.

So shall I introduce myself?

Hi, my is Melissa and I'm here to give you my own colourful view of my transition from a South African in South Africa to a South African in The US of A.

Where to begin.....hmmmm.....well this is so unbelievably have no idea! A friend of mine told me about the Workaway International programme and I literally jumped on it in a second. My forms were filled out and sent through to their offices before I could even contemplate that I would be leaving South Africa for half a year.

It's a pretty daunting thought for someone who has never been out of the country before, but let me tell you I am so ecstatic to have been given this opportunity.

So where do I go from here? Well obviously I cannot just get on a step one of this epicly epic adventure is filling out a bunch of forms, going to the doctor for a bunch of tests and then off to the American Consulate. This is all going to be happening before the end of November. Lots of time, you might think but after all this I still have to pack (harder than it sounds, believe me), have my going away/21st birthday party and go visit and say bye to all my friends. Yup.....sound like fun eh? And I wouldn't be doing any of it without this job. I'm even looking forward to the packing...which is making me crazy anxious because besides the 10 mandatory pairs of black socks that I need to take with I have no idea what other STUFF to take with...but that is a conversation for another post.

So before the scramble all I have to do is fill in forms and enjoy this crazy exciting feeling in my stomach, yes you know the one. America is only a month and a half away....

Author: Melissa Rauch

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