Thursday, 1 September 2011

Life time friends!

So my time for recruiting has come to an end and time to start my long awaited vacation… I sit and ponder where I am going to spend the next few weeks. That did not prove to be very difficult at all.
I started the Workaway program in 2006 and have developed many friendships along the way. So I decided to take a trip to Cape Town and meet up with some of my friends I had made over the past 5 years. Thinking that 5 days would be enough I purchased my flight ticket and off to Cape Town I went…

Was greeted at the airport by Johan, whom I met in 2008, in Florida. Excited to see him I immediately began chatting about all that has happened since we last saw each other. Our friendship has taken us many places, we even went sky diving. So seeing him was great fun to say the least but we decided to stay on the ground this time round.... We then met up with Shae and Shaun, whom I met in 2006. We were the first South African team to work at Boca Rio country club and had returned there every year. With Shaun becoming our dinning room manager on our second season, we became like a family. I had been super excited for weeks, knowing I get to see them and that in our own country for the first time. So the few days came and went and I got to meet up with Jomar, Jorg, Roger and Michael, all whom I met through Workaway.

Travelling from Blouberg to Milnerton to Stellenbosch to Worcester. I embraced the beauty of our country and enjoyed every minute I got to spend with dear friends, realizing that 5 days was by far too short a stay. I decided to extend my flight ticket, for an additional 5 days.

I got to travel the wine routes in Stellenbosch and Paarl, a tour to Chapman’s peak, dinner at Andiamos, and Blue Peter, just to mention a few. I even got to visit with a dear friend Bennie and have lunch At Ons Huisie, granting me the opportunity to experience the vibe and hospitality of the Capetonians and I loved it!!!...
Now it’s time for me to head off to my next destination. Happy to go, but sad to be leaving.
I realized that I had made friends for life and no matter where life might take us; we all know that this friendship will be a bond we will always carry in our hearts. Thank you to everyone that has made this trip so worth it and to everyone I never got to see I hope to see you soon. To the new participant, I believe you will to have the opportunity to develop such special friendships on the Workaway Program…So looking forward to the next season and new friendships…

Author: Lucille Earle

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