Sunday, 4 September 2011

South Africa is home!!

I am really starting to enjoy being back in SA, the weather is getting much better, its not cold so you can finally start doing things outside in the sun and not freeeezzzzzeeeee to death!!!It really makes you feel at home!!

I was fortunate to go watch rugby at Ellis Park stadium on Saturday (Lions vs Sharks) I was so excited as I have not been able to watch a rugby match live in a very long time, it was a very fun day starting in true South African style with a braai before the game!!! It was such a nice vibe as the lions are doing so well.... the anticipation was so high for them to win and of coarse they did not disappoint, the stadium was packed and it just made me realize that this is why South Africa will always be HOME!!!!! It was one day that I will say has been the best since i have been back!!

On the other hand time is getting close to go back to my second home the USA I must say I am getting very excited to see all my friends...I really thought I would never say this but I do miss the work too!!!

With the orientation just around the corner...I am going to see all the new people that can’t wait to go on an amazing experience and to see how excited everyone is. I must say I cant wait and am extremely excited to head back!!!
To all the people that have not been accepted to hang in there, you never know you might just get the call and if you don’t, don’t give up there is always next time!

Author: Tyrone Havenga

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