Thursday, 10 January 2019

Happy Holidays from the USA

By Tara Clampett

With the festive season in full swing at all the Country Clubs, it can be an exhausting time, mentally and emotionally, but also a very exciting time with lots of fun events taking place at the Country Clubs. I am enjoying experiencing all of the holiday activities taking place at Boca West Country Club…from the beautiful Christmas dinner, Character breakfast, S’mores night and the famous Boca West Carnival and Street Fair. Boca West Country Club really does go above and beyond to entertain the members and their families over the holidays.

Although my work hours are fairly consistent working office hours, I have friends who work in banquets who are working 13 hour shifts with maybe a just few hours of sleep between shifts and they are exhausted! I just keep telling them to think about the end reward…their paycheck and how it will all be worth it when that time comes.

For many first time Workaway participants it may also be an emotional time if it is your first time away from home during the Christmas period…I also still miss my family on Christmas day, especially when they send me photos of their whole Christmas setup…or maybe it’s the food I miss – gammon, malva pudding and mince pies are my three South African Christmas time weaknesses! This year in our apartment complex in Boca we celebrated on Christmas eve with a delicious homemade pasta dish made by one of my Italian friends followed by a taste from home – malva pudding made by a South African friend…it was delicious and it was great to spend time with good friends who make you forget that you are so far from home and remind you that we are lucky to be here in the USA, celebrating together.

So embrace the different cultures, foods, new friends/family that you have found here in the USA and I am sure you will all have a happy holiday season!

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