Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Making The Most Of Your Days Off

By Catherine Lindebaum

Days off are gold, especially during peak season. And by all means sleep in and catch up on those Z’s, but be careful not to sleep the sunny days away. Off days should be you out and about, exploring and enjoying Florida as much as you possibly can.

Recently I was lucky to get a couple whole days off with my partner, Gideon. Since we’re in different departments, our schedules are completely opposite most of the time.

So on the first day off, we decided to get a train through to West Palm to walk the streets and take photos. West Palm is a great part of Florida. It’s got vibey restaurants and a really great promenade harbor area to walk along and watch the sunset.

We were late for the first train, and got so caught up taking photos that we missed the second one. Instead of waiting around for an hour at the train station, we made use of the free tram service running from the Delray Beach Tri-Rail to the end of Atlantic Avenue. We killed some time there taking photos and then caught the tram back to the train station where we were 3rd time lucky.

On the 2nd day we got up early, made breakfast and then headed out to catch the next train through to Miami to spend the day roaming the streets of the Miami Art District – Wynwood. This is my absolute favorite part of Miami!

Some art stays, some art gets painted over, but there is always something new to look at whenever you go to inspire creativity. The vibe is great and there are people from all around the world making their mark on the walls, or just visiting.

I’d definitely recommend you visiting the Art District before you leave. And when you’re there, look out for the free tram service that takes you on a round trip of the District.

Instead of staying home and watching series each day off, go out and make the most of your days off! They’re limited and so is your time here.

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