Thursday, 30 October 2014


By Jasper Burger

Deciding to go to Key West in the spur of the moment is something I thought would never happen, but I’m so grateful I got the chance to go and experience it!

My recent visit to Key West was truly a great adventure – both exciting, but also very relaxing at the same time.

I allowed myself some “me-time” and much deserved relaxation while I was there.  I can safely say that afternoon naps on the water in a hammock just outside your hotel room can do wonders.

The restaurants and cuisine are unique and quite different when compared to the country clubs and even back home.  I really liked that fact that there were various styles of dining offered because it’s always nice to have choices.

The beaches are tranquil and peaceful, which really complements the lifestyle and attitude of the locals – they’re very laid back and easy-going which I found quite refreshing.

One of the most fascinating aspects of my trip was realising that I was standing at the most southern point in the US!  It is crazy to think that Cuba is only 90 miles away, as well as the US 0 mile mark.

Landmarks like Ernest Hemingway’s house, where he produced some of his best work, made the trip very enjoyable, and certainly made the long drive from Jupiter to the Keys worth it.

Upon my return, reality struck once again as work started straight away and there was no more time for relaxation.

As the new season starts with new recruits joining various county clubs in Florida, I wish you all good luck, and share a friendly reminder to enjoy your surroundings each and every day while you’re here!

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