Monday, 6 October 2014

Considering Workaway in 2015?

By Struan Goss

A handful of people have recently asked me about going on the Workaway programme next year. This blog is for those of you who are interested, and what you can do to improve your chances of successfully getting onto the programme in 2015.

Each year Workaway conducts presentations from about May through August in Joburg, Cape Town, PE and Durban. Keep an eye out for the dates of these events on our website as this is the best place to find out exactly what the programme has to offer. Apart from the basic requirements set out on the Position Requirements page at, the following are a few tips to getting on the programme and useful skills for it.

Since the majority of positions available tend to be waitering positions, or serving as they call it in the States, it is important to have some hospitality work experience. Currently having job at one of South Africa’s many wonderful restaurants would be considered solid work experience. The skills you would learn at an À la carte restaurant would come in very handy on the programme. These include a great customer service orientation, knowledge of how to set out fine dining silverware, professional wine service, a bit of knowledge of your wines (for example the difference between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), and a good understanding of how to manage your tables.

Of course there are other positions available, such as being a line cook, where you would need some hot line, À la carte work experience. There are often also golfing positions, where you would need some golfing or sports retail experience. The various other positions offered are also up on our website and are usually more limited thus being slightly more competitive to get into.

For all applicants, having a positive attitude, smart attire and a great service orientation is held in high regard by the Country Club managers and Workaway recruiters alike, so make sure you come to interviews wearing neat clothes and a warm smile. Most importantly, be honest and be yourself.

Best of luck to anyone reapplying next year or those of you coming to our presentations to see what Workaway is all about for the first time!

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